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    Juicing For Better Health and Wellbeing

    • January 22, 2017 /
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    • By EveryNutrient

    Modern lifestyles are unfortunately not conducive to being healthy. There are two options: accept it, just bury your head in the sand, or do everything you can to get – and stay – healthy. Sadly most people convince themselves that they don’t have the time, or the money to take control of their health. Sad, because it is wrong to put a price on one’s well being, and sad because once you get over the initial hurdles, being healthy is neither expensive nor time consuming.

    Does it cost much time or money to drink more water? Well there is your first challenge! It is widely accepted that most people are chronically dehydrated – that is years worth of not drinking enough water. An easy solution is to buy a couple of big water bottles, fill them up every morning and aim to drink both during the day. One before lunch, one after – simple – and possibly the single biggest difference you can make to your health.

    Second, what about sleep? How often do you get 8 hours a night, or so much that you wake up refreshed? Sadly again, the fewest people get enough. Ask yourself if you have any excuse to stay up late every night – the answer is probably no! Aim to get to bed earlier – there’s another free way to improve your energy, and general well being.

    So now your diet. This is more difficult, as it takes more effort to change. The first thing you can try though (its free!) is to cut down on sugar, especially in things like soft drinks. A can of coke has about 8 teaspoons of sugar. Just might be why you can’t shed the weight if you have tried dieting. Sugar is being accepted as the main culprit in the growing worldwide obesity problem.

    Adding fresh food, home cooked meals, and raw fruits and vegetables to your diet is a major step too. Very few people get enough fiber, and natural vitamins and nutrients. Possibly the easiest way to get fresh fruit and raw vegetables into your diet is by juicing fresh ingredients.

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