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    The Budwig Diet – Fighting Cancer Naturally

    When people become ill with cancer, there are usually a set number of recommended treatments for them to go through. Doctors will offer these treatments as the best course of action for them, but each of these treatments has its drawbacks. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are two common treatments that can have a number of unpleasant side effects, and in many cases invasive surgery is used as a last resort. However, there is another option. The Budwig Diet is an entirely natural method of combating cancer in order to fight the disease and carry on living a normal, healthy life. There are no drugs, no surgical procedures, just a simple and healthy diet that has been proven time and again to be a powerful antidote to the nightmare of cancer. Here we will explain a bit about the diet to help you make the right choice of treatment for you, should you be affected by cancer.

    History Of The Budwig Diet

    The origins of the Budwig Diet go back to 1908, with the birth of its creator, Dr Johanna Budwig. Throughout her long life – she died in 2003 at the age of 95 – the German doctor became one of the top cancer researchers in Europe. She carried out a significant amount of research into cancer and its causes, and her vast body of work led her to being nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times, although she never won it. Throughout her lengthy research, she came to a startling conclusion. It was her expert opinion that all forms of cancer in the body are caused by our diets, and that rising cancer levels could be put down to the processed foods and the hydrogenated fats that are so prevalent in our modern diets. As a result of this, she devised her famous diet, and began to test it out on cancer patients. The results would change the medical community forever.

    Amazing Findings

    It was clear to Dr Budwig that the diet was the fundamental cause of cancer. She discovered throughout her research that trans fats found in our diets had a negative effect on our cell membranes by targeting the electrical charge found within them, and that this was the main factor in the development of cancer. She also did research into a large number of cancer patients, and found that their blood revealed some surprising signs. One of these was that they had far lower levels of Omega 3 in their blood than healthy people. Another was that they had much lower levels of phosphatides and lipoproteins than healthy people. And she even discovered a strange substance that was green and yellow in color found only in the blood of cancer patients.

    The Idea Behind The Budwig Diet

    The idea behind the Budwig Diet was actually quite simple: to reverse the harm caused by the bad elements of the modern diet by cutting them out completely. Dr Budwig decided that if she could create a diet that would counter the effects of the modern diet, it could help people to live a healthy life and could actually reverse the problems caused by that diet. By providing a diet that was high in nutrients this could help to combat the cancerous cells and increase the level of red blood cells in the patients.

    Main Foundation Of The Budwig Diet

    Dr Budwig set about creating her famous diet, and came up with two main ingredients that would be the foundation of the diet: flaxseed oil and quark (similar to cottage cheese and common in Germany). She believed that these two ingredients were key in reversing the damage caused by the previous diet and preventing the development of cancer. She decided on flaxseed oil due to its high levels of Omega 3, which was lacking in the blood of cancer patients, as well as being tolerated by most people. Quark added the high levels of protein, and she found that the two ingredients complemented each other perfectly.

    Other Elements Of The Diet

    Because no one could be expected to stick to a diet of just two ingredients, Dr Budwig included a long list of other ingredients to make up the diet that would not only counter the effects of the cancer, but would also provide enough variation for a tasty diet that would be easy to stick to. There are numerous ingredients allowed on the diet, and many recipes can be made from them, including: lentils, brown rice, raw vegetables, porridge and many others besides.


    Dr Budwig trialled her diet on numerous cancer patients, and it soon became clear that she had found a solution to the rising number of cancer cases across the world. She began to witness improvements after just a few months of the trials beginning, with the blood of the cancer patients returning to normal. It is for this reason that people all over the world are now benefiting from the Budwig Diet and the lifetime of research that went into its creation to cure cases of cancer by a natural method.

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