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    Water With Lemon For Weight Loss Review by every Nutrient

    Water With Lemon For Weight Loss – Does it Really Work?

    • January 19, 2017 /
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    • By EveryNutrient

    I’ve heard before that lemons are one of the best kept secrets to weight loss. I thought to myself, “Is that really true?” It’s just lemon… and it’s just water… so then how could water with lemon for weight loss work? So then I decided to do a little researching and discovered the benefits of lemons and water, so see how they would affect the body.

    What lemon can do for your body

    Before we take a look at water with lemon for weight loss, let’s take a look at what kind of benefits a lemon has for you by itself:
    – Lemons contain a great amount of Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
    – Works as a skin cleanser
    – Lemons serve as an antiseptic
    – Lemons help with heart problems due to their high potassium, and can aid with other problems such as heartburn and bloating.

    Okay, a lemon by itself doesn’t sound like a miracle cure for weight loss. But when you add the water in, the water with lemon for weight loss seems like a good possibility.

    The benefits of Water

    You always hear “drink 8 glasses of water for good results,” but do you ever drink 8 glasses? Most people don’t, even though they know they should. Water alone provides your body with useful weight loss benefits.

    As you know, your kidneys are responsible for getting rid of wastes through your urine. If at anytime you don’t have enough water in your body, your body will enter “survival mode,” where it will conserve as much water as possible. When it does this, it will hold back your urine and wastes too. When enough waste builds up in your system, your liver will start helping your kidneys get rid of waste. If your liver has to help out with other tasks, then it won’t be doing its main tasks as effectively. – And what are the liver’s main tasks? Using up your stored body fat as energy. So it’s important that your liver is functioning 100% to get rid of your body fat instead of helping to get rid of wastes.

    Water with Lemon for Weight Loss!

    So how does the combination of water with lemon for weight loss work well? Well there’s one more good thing about lemons (as well as other citrus fruits). They have a pure concentrated form of citric acid. Due to citric acid’s high acidity and ph, it’s able to break down your fat molecules. When something in your body is broken down, it goes back into the digestive system and is discarded as waste. Now you can see where water plays a role… the water from the lemon juice will help keep you hydrated so that you can properly get rid of your fat molecules once and for all.

    So in short, lemon helps break down some fat, and then water keeps your body functioning so that it can be properly discarded. Sounds easy, right?

    Water with lemon for weight loss will definitely help you out in a weight loss program. You should drink at least 8 glasses per day to keep your body hydrated so that it can properly function, while having some lemons in your drinks to help out. Try to not have too many lemons per day, or else your mouth/teeth/gum may start feeling Irritated.

    And one more thing – don’t make your weight loss program rely 100% on just drinking lots of water with lemon. Remember that weight loss includes two important aspects – dieting and exercising. Water and lemon is going to be part of your diet, but remember that you still must eat healthy and exercise often to see any weight loss results.