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    1000 Calorie Diet For Vegetarians and Organic Food Adherents

    1000 Calorie Diet For Vegetarians and Organic Food Adherents

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    People are today increasingly turning to healthy diets to control their calorie intake and ultimately manage their weight. This is due to the many negative side effects of other means of weight management.

    Headaches, flatulence, dehydration and insomnia are frequent side effects associated with taking diet pills for weight management. Weight loss medication users experiencing such aftermath are compelled to take painkillers, antacids and sedatives, to combat these unforeseen side effects.

    Diet pills and overrated fat burning creams are generally expensive compared to weight loss diets. An entire dosage of typical weight loss medication will run into hundreds of dollars. A week’s worth of groceries containing necessary ingredients to constitute a healthy weight loss diet is way cheaper and highly efficient since no side effects occur.

    Individuals who rely on heavy medication to deal with various chronic ailments can safely rely on weight loss diets rather than diet pills to avoid symptoms, which will further deteriorate their well-being.

    Women require 1,200 calories a day for optimum metabolic functions. Men need to consume 1,200-1,500 calories to maintain a healthy metabolism. Individuals, who heavily consume high sugary foods and fatty delicacies on almost a daily basis with little or no exercise end up accumulating lots of undesired fats.

    When the body receives excess calories, it converts them to fat molecules and stores them up in fat cells. If this trend continues, excess calories that have been converted into fat molecules end up in the wrong areas, such as cholesterol deposits in major blood vessels.

    1,000 Calorie Organic Food Weight Loss Diets

    Diet 1


    Pumpkin Smoothie

    Ingredients Of Pumpkin Smoothie
    • 1 Large slice of pumpkin (30)
    • 1 cup of water (0)
    • ¼ cup of Chia seeds (77)
    • 1 small slice of pineapple (30)

    Add ingredients into a blender and blend to achieve a thick tasty smoothie. Pumpkins are sweet and contain sufficient natural sugar levels to adequately boost your blood glucose level. Chia seeds contain nutritional fiber which facilitates smooth digestion devoid of flatulence or diarrhea.​


    Chicken Salad

    Ingredients for Chicken Salad
    • 3 Oz of chicken preferably breast or drumsticks (182)
    • 2 vertically sliced cucumber strips (28)
    • 2-3 chopped walnuts (180)
    • 1 tablespoon of mustard (3)
    • ¼ cup of low-fat yogurt (73)
    • 1 large Spinach leaf (6)Mix all ingredients in a clean bowl and use walnuts for toppings.


    Tuna and Vegetable Stew

    Ingredients of Tuna and Vegetable Stew
    • 2 Oz of fried Tuna (56)
    • 1 cup of fresh Soy Beans (84)
    • ½ cup of red jalapeños (8)
    • Glove garlic (4)
    • ½ carrot sauté veggies (26)

    Red jalapenos contain natural acid which enables the stomach to burn off fat contained in ingested meals. They also contain antioxidants which clean up the blood while repairing damaged cells.

    Diet 2


    Ingredients of Banana Sandwich

    Banana Sandwich

    • 2 fresh bananas (210)
    • 2 slices of Wholemeal bread (138)
    • Peanut butter (94)
    • 200 ml of Green tea (2)

    With a firm hand, evenly spread out peanut butter on two slices of wholemeal bread. Press them together then place inside your toaster for one minute. Chop up your bananas then put them inside the freshly toasted slices.


    Turkey Sandwich

    Ingredients of Turkey Sandwich
    • 2 large slices of fresh eggplant (40)
    • 1 thin slice of cashew based cheese (45)
    • 2 tomato slices (6)
    • 1 medium apple (95)
    • 2 slices of wholemeal bread (138)
    • 2 Thin slices of fresh turkey (52)

    Place one slice of eggplant on a slice of wholemeal bread, and then place a tomato slice. Spread Cottage cheese evenly before placing a slice of fried turkey on top. Repeat the sequence on a different slice of bread and stack it on the previous slice to form a complete Turkey sandwich. Consume your apple right after the sandwich.


    Spaghetti with Cucumber Salad

    Ingredients of Cucumber Salad
    • 1 cup of organic spaghetti (220)
    • 1 fresh cucumber (8)
    • Olive oil and garlic sauce (40)
    • 1,000 calorie diets for vegetarians

    Diet 1


    Granola with Berries

    Ingredients of Granola with Berries
    • ½ cup of fresh strawberries (28)
    • 1 cup of Buttermilk (99)
    • 1 Oz of Granola (134)

    Blend all ingredients for just a couple minutes to achieve a thick and nutritious smoothie.


    Spiced Chickpea with Green Salad

    Ingredients for Green Salad
    • 1 slice of Vegan Cashew Cheese (35)
    • 4 cherry tomatoes sliced into halves (24)
    • 2 lettuce leaves (8)
    • 1/2 cup of Spiced Chickpea Nuts (182)
    • 2 cups of mixed vegetables of your choice


    Rice and Beans

    Rice and Beans for Dinner
    • ½ cup Onion sautéed in olive oil (87)
    • ½ cup of cooked brown rice (108)
    • ¼ cup of tomato salsa (23)
    • ½ cup of kidney beans (113)

    Diet 2


    Avocado Toast

    Ingredients for Avocado Toast
    • 2 slices of wholemeal bread (138)
    • ¼ cup of peeled and mashed avocado (85)
    • 200 ml of orange juice (111)


    Walnut Vegetable Salad

    Ingredients of Walnut Vegetable Salad
    • ¼ cup of chopped walnuts (163)
    • 2 leaves of sliced lettuce (10)
    • ½ cup of chopped or grated carrots (23)
    • 2 portions of preferred greens

    Mix them in a clean bowl and eat right away.


    Grilled Polenta Chips

    Ingredients for Grilled Polenta Chips
    • 10 grams of table salt (0)
    • ½ Oz nutritional yeast (19.8)
    • ¼ tablespoon of Olive Oil (29.8)
    • 2 Oz Yellow Polenta (45.4)

    Apply olive oil on sliced Polenta chips. Sprinkle nutritional yeast on top of Polenta chips as you fry with low heat. Your meal will be ready in 5 minutes. Use salt to season.

    Mistakes to Avoid While on The 1,000 Calorie Diet

    Human beings are innately impatient. In the course of your diet, you might be tempted to hasten the desired weight loss transformation by skipping meals. It seems the logical thing to do because, without calorie intake, the body cannot convert food into additional fat molecules. However, getting on the 1,000 calorie diet triggers your body into starvation mode. When the body receives less than 1,200 calories per day, your metabolism slows down in order to convert ingested food into fat molecules, which serve as calorie reserves. Accumulation of fat molecules over a short period of time leads to undesired weight gains hence reversing any progress achieved.

    While on the weight loss diet, you should maintain minimal physical fitness routines. Your body is already in starvation mode and stepping up your physical exercises to accelerate fat reduction will lead to fainting. It is impossible for your body to supply much-needed energy for prolific workout sessions when the body is experiencing an energy deficit, due to a low-calorie intake.

    Final Thoughts

    Consult a qualified nutritionist to help you come up with a list of suitable alternatives to ingredients for your diet. Individuals with Diabetes should consult their doctor before embarking on this diet, because, low-calorie consumption will have a negative effect on their faulty blood glucose levels.

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