2 Steps to Quiet Your Mind and Sleep Better
by Gaynor Parke
It's frustrating isn't it to lie in bed sometimes for hours trying to stop the constant
chatter of your mind? I used to struggle with this a lot. If I woke in the middle of the
night I would also have trouble getting back to sleep and it was exhausting. But now I
have a wonderful method I created that works every time. Using it I can fall asleep
much, much faster, have a deeper and more refreshing sleep and get re-settled
easily it I wake through the night.

What I do is two fold.

Stop. Yes recognizing your mind is running rampant is the first step. I know that
sounds silly at first but it's the awareness of what's happening and that you can do
something about it that puts up a stop sign to your mind and prepares it for a change.
Instead of thinking "this is so annoying, I have to fall asleep or I will be so exhausted
tomorrow. If I don't get to sleep quickly I'll have to get up in a few hours and I'll be a
mess. I am so tired I just have to fall asleep, if only I could turn my mind off". Stop
and say "ok so I'm going it again.. my mind is on a fate train and out of control.
That's ok because now I'm going to stop and re-focus. I'm going to re-direct it to a
quieter place and find relief in a quieter place" This puts the brakes on your mind so
you are ready for the next step. Now you've stopped, start thinking of all the people
and events that make you happy. Gratitude is aligned to love and love is your resting
place. When you are asleep you aren't resisting your true nature you are at peace
and peace is aligned to love. Thinking of all that which you appreciate will bring you
into alignment with peace and quiet. Before you know it you will be asleep with a
smile on your face.

It sounds simple because it is simple. The way to quiet the mind is to re-focus on
love and appreciation as those stated of mind are not frantic, they're not
unanswered questions or doubt or disturbing. Appreciation is quiet and healing and
loving and gentle and goes at a loving pace. The more you search to be appreciative
about the more you will find. Allow the slow pace of gratitude and appreciation to
flow over you and calm your racing mind.

This technique also works if you wake through the night after a nightmare or are just
restless. Directing the mind toward events that made you happy or people that you
love or lovely things that happened to you will restore peace and still your mind. I
used to get night terrors and not look forward to going to bed. I found this technique
used regularly released me and allowed me to enjoy a good night's sleep again. Using
this method I hardly ever have nightmares now and look forward to the picture my
happiness focus will conjure up each night.

It's a lovely way to relive enjoyable moments and even sculpt wonderful events in
your future while getting a good nights sleep.

Sweet dreams


About The Author

Gaynor Parke is an author, Sales Trainer and CEO of Advanced Success Life Coaching
and believes "you are the key to your success". With over 25 years of Personal
Development study and vast business knowledge Gaynor is well equipped to assist
people in all walks of life.

Clients can achieve increased confidence, relationship and communication skills,
reduced stress, greater clarity when faced with life's challenges, more vitality and
zest for life plus a sense of peace and contentment.

Join Gaynor's Inspiration Lounge on her website and receive coaching tips twice a
month absolutely FREE plus her FREE EBook on entitled "8 Powerful Steps To Create
a More Successful Life"

With a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and FREE introductory session you have every
reason to contact Gaynor today at
One of the wonderful benefits I have
discovered of training my mind to
re-focus is that I can fall asleep more
easily and have a deeper and more
refreshing sleep when I use this
technique. Lack of sleep adds to the
increase of stress while a good
might's sleep helps to reduce stress.
It's also great for learning how to
relax when you are awake. It's often
how I begin a meditation if my mind
is too frantic to settle quickly. But the
time when I have valued it the moist
is when I have had trouble getting
settle and falling off to sleep.
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