7 Rules that Guarantee Diet Success and Water
by Troy Pearsall  
is nothing more than cutting back on a bag of potato chips; sometimes it is adding a
real breakfast to their diet.

After a while I developed what I call "The 7 Rules to Eating Correctly." These 7 rules
were created to keep my clients on track with their diets. Whenever they would ask
me why they had not been seeing the results that expected, I would ask which of the
7 rules had they failed to follow. From observation, I realized that anyone following
these rules would give the results that he or she desired.

With age I realized that I needed to add much more water into my diet and rule
number 8 was born. I really believe that if you combine these 8 rules to your diet, no
matter what diet you are advocating you will see results.

#1 - Supplement, supplement, supplement; Even though you may be eating very
healthy there is no way to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients that it needs
better than supplementation. At the very least have a multivitamin/ multi-mineral,
antioxidant complex, and calcium. It would be even better if you could use the
supplement that I selected and as bodybuilders best vitamins, minerals and amino

# 2 - Eat Breakfast; breakfast should be a complex carbohydrate like oatmeal, a
protein and fat. By now you fully understand why breakfast is so important, if you
never lifted a weight in your life this would still the most important rule to good health.
Treat breakfast like American Express "Do not leave home without it!"

# 3 -prepare your meals ahead; two days, or even a week ahead if possible. By
preparing your meals ahead you help to fight of the desire to snack or select the
wrong foods when meal time comes. I find that most of my cheating comes when I
get hungry and had to skip a meal for some reason.

# 4 - Eat every three and one half hours to 4 hours, assuming you are taking in
enough proteins this will keep your body in positive nitrogen balance. Make sure you
get enough protein since protein is what bodybuilding is all about. It is very important
for type II diabetics that by eating many small meals (I eat from a saucer) a days you
can better regulate your body's insulin levels.

#5 - Never Snack: I define snacking as anything that you consume that is not a part
of your scheduled diet and:

• Has Pleasure as the sole purpose of consummation
• It does nothing to build muscle, put you into a positive nitrogen state, regulate you
insulin levels, or stop the development of free radicals.
• Has a protein to carb ratio of less than 1 to 1
• Fat content is greater than 25% of total calories of the product. Please understand
that this is the total of a meal. Not all items, as an apple has a protein to carb ratio of
less than 1–to-1 it can be scheduled as part of your diet for a given time of day and
therefore is not a snack. However, an apple that you grab from off your buddies' desk
at work is a snack. Snacks are those meals that are not planned. Success in
bodybuilding is about being in control of every aspect of the sport.

# 6- Eat complete meals; if you are hungry eat! If you are not hungry do not eat.
Meals should be planned. Since the body can only ingest so many calories before it
becomes fat it makes sense to save those calories for proteins and vegetables, rather
than snack. In my opinion there is no such thing as a good snack because it takes
away from you planned meals.

# 7 - Eat when hungry, and only when hungry; if it is been at least 3.5 hours since
your last meal and you have a physical desire to eat then you are hungry. I do not
subscribe to the thought of not eating after 6pm. I believe that if you select the
correct foods and your body does have a desire for the foods than you should eat no
matter what time it is. I believe in eating fairly clean all the time so I do not diet for
contest like many bodybuilders I just increase my aerobic activity.

# 8 - Drink plenty of water try to get at least 1 oz of water for every lb of body
weight. The first complaint that I hear even from bodybuilders is that was too much
muscle drinking water is new to you I found that drinking it before a meal rewarding
yourself make with the meal is easier. Always drink water throughout your workout. I
drink no less than a liter of water during my workout more on legs and back day.

So there you have it the armor you will need to fight the battle of the bulge.

About The Author

Troy Pearsall has over 25 years of bodybuilding experience. 15 years as a competitive
bodybuilder 15 years as a personal trainer and 10 years as a trainer of competitive
bodybuilders. He has other successes in other areas but his first love is teaching the
sport of bodybuilding. For more information go to
As a personal trainer at Bally's Total
Fitness in Philadelphia, I have come
across a number of people that claim
to either be unable to lose weight or
unable to stick to their diets. I
personally think there is no one that
is unable to lose weight and that
most people that can not seem to
lose weight often need just a slight
adjustment in how they apply their

There have been a large number of
people that have, with my help, seen
excellent results by making very slight
changes in their diets. Sometimes it
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