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    7 Tips For Changing to a Raw Food Diet

    7 Tips For Changing to a Raw Food Diet

    Raw food diets often takes us to our ancestral times when cooked food was not eaten. Over time, people learned how to cook or burn or roast food, but many argue that this was not necessarily a good thing in terms of our nutritional needs. More and more people are now changing to raw food thinking that it might be a good way to lose weight and eat in a manner better suited to us naturally.

    Our regular diet, also known as the Standard American Diet, generally includes items such as bread, dairy, meat, milk, bottled juices, and canned foods. A raw food diet, however, means a diet that is devoid of cooked foods altogether, including most meats and convenience foods. When you are changing to a raw diet suddenly after having the standard diet for years, it can be very difficult in the beginning. Here are a few tips to help you make the transition successfully:

    1. Start with fresh fruit juices first. Fruits like apples, peaches, strawberries, and vegetables like celery, carrot can be used. Juice should be part of the first meal you have every day.

    2. It is not wise to take a big leap; taking gradual steps will help you in giving up your old food habits and adapting the new diet plan.

    3. Nuts are extremely filling and they make you feel comfortable as well. Include lots of nuts in your diet as you transition to eating more and more raw foods.

    4. Do not switch all at once if you think this may be difficult for you. Instead, try eating raw only one or two meals a day. Do not forget to include lots of salad in your diet, as this is something that most people are accustomed to eating and will not seem as hard to transition to as some of the other recipes you will be trying.

    5. Have lots of prepared snacks at hand. Instead of pretzels and chips, however, you should change over to seeds and nuts instead.

    6. Get some good books on the benefits of a raw diet to help keep you motivated and to help answer many of the questions your friends and family will likely have about your diet.

    7. Last but not the least, drink lots of water to keep your body system healthy!

    By following these seven tips, you should be able to transition more easily and successfully to your new diet.

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