7 Tips For Relieving Stress and Developing a Positive Mental
by Wil Dieck
as much attention to clearing your mind of negative images and debris that cause
stress. You might want to pay attention to relieving stress and developing a clear and
positive mindset.

If you find that you're having trouble dealing with life's stresses, and you need to sort
out your thoughts, it will benefit you to use some of your spring cleaning time on

Try some of the following ways to deal with stress and develop a positive mental

Get rid of anger. Of all the negative emotions you could choose to eliminate
during your mental spring cleaning, put anger on the top of list. Be done with it and
then throw it away. Often anger is a result of resentments that are long past. The
person those long ago resentments are hurting now are you.

It's important to remember to get rid of anger effectively rather than hide it away.
Just like putting dirt under the rug, if you try to hide it, it'll will just grow larger and
larger, causing you even more stress. Face your anger and decide to find solutions
for your issues. Get help if you must but let it go. The only person it's holding back is

Become a forgiver. This has a lot to do with what we just discussed. If you find
that you're holding onto negative emotions then focus on forgiving. Although you
may not entirely feel that the person you need to forgive deserves it, forgiving will
give you the peace you deserve. If you find that it's very difficult, think of it as doing
something for yourself instead of letting someone off the hook.

Write down your dreams and goals. A key ingredient of a positive mental
attitude is having a dreams and goals. Just as you make a list of your chores during
cleaning, make a list of some of your short term and long term dreams and goals.
Remember, write them down don't just keep them in your head. Writing them out on
paper gives you something concrete to look at throughout the day and helps you to
hold yourself accountable.

A good way to keep track of your goals is to post your list where you'll see it often.
Write the major goals on top and the smaller tasks that lead up to your goals
accomplishment underneath them. Then, as you accomplish them you can cross
things off. This is a great motivator.

Stay open to new ideas. Sometimes when you've been shut up for a while it can
be hard to open yourself up to new thoughts and ideas. But when you open yourself
to new situations and ideas, you'll find it brings a new freshness and more
opportunities into your life. While it can feel safe to stay closed off, just like when a
house smells stale because it has been closed for the winter, opening the windows of
your mind and letting in some fresh air in will make a tremendous difference in your

Have fun! Do you remember when Tom Sawyer was painting the picket fence? All
his friends came around and were teasing him until he made it appear that he was
having fun. The same goes for you. Your mental spring cleaning doesn't have to be a
chore. With a positive mental attitude, it can be loads of fun to bring changes into
your life. See it as a new start, just as spring always is, and focus on your new

Take some time to enjoy life and nature. One of the best ways to deal with
stress is to take a little time off and see the wonder that surrounds you on this
wonderful vacation here on earth. Take a step back and learn to enjoy the beauty in
things that you might have taken for granted. Take a walk by the beach, or in the
park. Get some fresh air, or get up early one day to watch the sunrise. These things
will give you new perspectives on life.

Organize your mind. Just like you would organize your house when it becomes
too cluttered, take some time to organize your mind when it becomes cluttered.
Your life can become so busy that your mind has a hard time slowing down and
relaxing. Avoid letting jumbled thoughts overpower your thinking process. Learn to
use a calm approach and deal with one situation at a time.

One of the best ways to relive stress is to take some time out of each day to clear
your mind. You can accomplish this through meditation, prayer, visualization or
anything else that relaxes you.

Remember, you are very important. The fact is your mind is more important than all
those other things you clean every spring. Use these tips for relieving stress to spring
clean your mind and develop a positive mindset and then you can start to enjoy your
new beginning, free from stresses and negativity.

About The Author

Wil Dieck is the founder of author of two e-Courses
"Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind"
"Unlocking the Secret Advantage of Hypnosis" that you can have at no charge.
This is the time of year where many
of us do spring cleaning. Spring
cleaning may remind you of earlier
days where your family members
used mops and brooms and other
cleaning materials to make the house
spic and span. After a long winter, it
was good to get the house sparkling
clean and clutter free.

Maybe you are following that tradition
and cleaning up your home and
workplace. Although clearing out your
living and workspaces are important,
when it comes to spring cleaning it
might pay real dividends to pay just
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