Too Much Protein Is Not Good For The Heart
by Andreas Moritz
attack, the capillary cells absorb the excessive protein, convert it into collagen fiber,
and store it in their basal membranes. Although this emergency response has a
blood-thinning and, therefore, life-saving effect, it also makes the blood walls thicker
and more vulnerable to injury.

Examinations of connective tissue in obese people have proved that it contains not
only plump fat cells, but also large amounts of dense collagen-fiber. Collagen is 100
percent pure protein. Building more collagen-fiber than normally needed is one of the
main emergency measures the body takes to deal with dangerously high protein
concentrations in the blood. By removing the protein from the blood and thereby
putting it out of circulation, the blood becomes thin and a major crisis is avoided. But
the situation changes drastically when the body's 'protein stores' are all filled up to
capacity, and protein consumption continues. This time, the blood becomes and
remains saturated with protein. In such a case, the blood begins to permanently
thicken and develop a tendency towards clotting.

Unless the afflicted person takes aspirin, which has a blood-thinning effect, a stroke or
heart attack may occur. Yet in the long term, aspirin not only fails to prevent such an
incidence but strongly encourages it. A heightened risk of deadly uncontrolled bleeding
may also result from regular or excessive use of aspirin. In addition, once aspirin
treatment discontinues, the risk of suffering a heart attack is greatly increased.

Warning: If you suffer from macular degeneration, the #1 cause of blindness in people
over 55 years old, avoid taking aspirin. Also avoid smoking. Recent research found
that smoking is the leading cause of macular degeneration; half of all smokers
develop it. As soon as a person stops smoking, the risk lessens by one third. A major
study linked aspirin to America's epidemic of macular degeneration. The often
prescribed one-aspirin-a-day routine makes the retinas more likely to hemorrhage.
Besides, aspirin belongs to the same class of painkillers as Vioxx, Celebrex and Aleve,
all of which were found to increase heart attack and stroke risk by over 50 percent.

Tests have shown that abstaining from food for a periodic length of time reduces the
size and amount of both fat cells and collagen fiber deposits. This also demonstrates
that overeating protein does, in fact, increase protein tissue in the body. As explained
before, and to emphasize this crucial point, the protein deposits accumulate in the
basal membranes of the capillary walls and the connective tissues that surround the
cells. As a direct consequence of this development, the thickened blood vessel walls
are no longer capable of absorbing sufficient amounts of oxygen, water, and nutrients,
and hence they cannot remove all the metabolic waste products that the cells

Therefore, the cells that make up these blood vessels become injured and eventually
die from malnutrition, suffocation and dehydration. In a young person, the main blood
vessels of the heart have a diameter of about 3mm. By regularly overeating protein
foods, the normally smooth and polished inner wall of a blood vessel becomes
uneven, and the blood vessel as a whole thickens and loses its elasticity. This leads to
a deterioration of blood flow throughout the circulatory system and may culminate in
a complete blockage. Coronary arteries that are totally blocked resemble old rusty,
calcified water pipes. Their walls are brownish-red and are clogged with yellowish,
calcified material.

(This is an excerpt from the book 'Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation' by
Andreas Moritz

About The Author

Andreas Moritz is a writer and practitioner in the field of Integrative Medicine. He is the
author of 13 books on various subjects pertaining to holistic health, including The
Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation and
Cancer Is Not a Disease. His most recent book is titled 'Vaccine-Nation: Poisoning the
Population, One Shot at a Time'.

Moritz is also the creator of Ener-Chi Art (
) and Sacred Santémony.

Much of his life's work has been dedicated to understanding and treating the root
causes of illness, and helping the body, mind, spirit and heart to heal naturally.

Connect with Andreas at:

Copyright © 2011 by Andreas Moritz
Protein Storage - A Time Bomb!

Obese people have both high
concentrations of fats and
excessive amounts of protein in
the blood. The blood's tendency
towards clotting, considered to
be the greatest cause for heart
attack or stroke, stems almost
exclusively from the saturation of
proteins in the blood. (Note that
smoking also increases blood
protein concentrations, as shown
below). Fats, on the other hand,
have no blood-clotting ability.
their attempt to avert a heart
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