A Good Night's Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight
by Karen Ficarelli
When you don't get enough sleep, your body doesn't get a chance to properly revive
and cortisol levels become increased, which can stimulate hunger.  Another reason
that you might find yourself eating more is because without the satisfaction of a
good night's sleep, the body is literally starving for fulfillment. However, women who
eat less but get fewer than six hours of rest can end up gaining weight instead of
losing it.

For women, not getting enough sleep is worse for the body than it is for men.
Unfortunately women, more often than men, report problems in falling asleep at
night and find themselves awake, sometimes an hour or more after lying down to go
to sleep. Financial and family worries were the main reasons that women had
difficulty falling asleep. Men, it seems, although still plagued with the same concerns,
did not experience the problems with sleep that women had.

When women fail to get adequate sleep it is noticeable because many times it shows
in the face. Dark circles, premature wrinkling and signs of aging become apparent in a
woman's face when there is a problem with sleep deprivation. In addition, the weight
gain causes bloating and puffiness that is unattractive and for the woman who is
concerned about her image, these signs are unacceptable, especially when the
answer is simply sleep.

Getting the proper amount of rest is just as important as daily exercise and the two
go hand in hand in keeping a woman healthy and strong. Exercise encourages proper
blood flow and a natural balance in the body's inner clock. This can help to trigger the
need for sleep and allow the body to relax easier. Maintaining a regular schedule can
help to keep sleep regulated too.

Diet, exercise and plenty of sleep are not only the cornerstones of the ideal weight
loss program but are the keys to the longevity of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

About The Author

Karen Ficarelli is the founder and CEO of Fitness4Her.com, a diet, exercise program
and women's fitness blog, developed especially for women. A mother of three, Karen
knows how hard it is to fit everything into a busy schedule. A fitness author, personal
trainer, Pilate's instructor, sports nutritionist, fitness model, wife and mom, Karen is
passionate about helping other women reach their fitness goals. She knows firsthand
that the desire to attain a healthy, slim and well-toned body is just as important as
any other dream that a woman can have. But going a step further, Karen
understands that to achieve that dream, you first must believe in it. Think it, believe
it, achieve it...
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Losing weight is never easy, but it's
certainly not something that you
want to lose sleep over. As a matter
of fact, sleep may be just the thing
you need to help you lose those
extra pounds.

Women need at least 6 to 8 hours of
sleep each day to allow their bodies
to heal and rejuvenate. Not getting
enough rest can leave you feeling
tired and irritable but lack of sleep can
cause other health problems and may
even be responsible for making you
retain weight.
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