Acid Alkaline Diet Benefits & Why It Is Recommended  
by Will Johnson
against various illnesses. Even chronic diseases like arthritis can be not only
prevented but also cured if such a diet is followed.  

The basis of a diet that is acid alkaline lies in the fact that our body ph ideally should
be a 7.3. This slightly alkaline level of the body ph keeps all the vital organs
functioning well, as well as the absorption of various minerals is optimized. When this
ph tilts to the acidic side trouble starts brewing. An acidic ph level leads to almost all
body parts suffering in one way or the other. Now since our body needs to be
alkaline in nature it should reflect in our food intake too. Foods that are alkalizing
should be consumed mush more as opposed to the acidifying foods. Translated in a
simpler language this would mean more of vegetable and fruit consumption and very
low meats and oil intake. If the body's alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium
and potassium levels drop so will its health causing it to degenerate and its defenses
to drop guard. An alkaline diet protects that from happening. An acid alkaline or an
alkaline ash diet comprises of 80% alkalizing foods and 20 % acidic foods. Since the
acid alkaline ratio in the body should be one is to four our food intake should be of
similar nature.

An alkaline diet is not only recommended to shed those extra pounds but is also and
more importantly a great means of regaining lost health and leading a longer and
more diseases free life. This diet is especially recommended to those who feel tired
most of the time. Stress and a low energy level can both be done away with a diet
that is acid alkaline. Those who suffer from frequent viral fevers or those who have a
nasal congestion most of the time can lead healthier lives if they have a diet that is
acid alkaline. Weak nails, dryness, headaches, muscle pain, hives, joint pains, and
many more such diseases find their answer in an alkaline ash diet.

A higher level of vegetable intake is recommended in an alkaline ash diet. Lemons
should be squeezed into water drinks. Millet or quinoa is preferred over wheat, olive
oil over vegetable oil and soups like miso are very useful for following an alkaline ash

Lost health and vigor can be regained and many chronic illnesses prevented as well
as cured if an acid alkaline diet is followed. It is a fairly easy diet plan, which should
adapt for a longer and healthier life span.

About The Author

Will Johnson

Discover How
Works and Why An Is Highly
Recommended For Your Health.
If you have heard of the Atkins diet,
then the Acid Alkaline Diet is the
complete opposite of that. The Atkins
diet is a high protein, high fat but low
carbohydrates diet. But such diets
have a tendency to leave one low on
energy and also they seem to be
improper gastronomically speaking.
An acid alkaline diet on the other
hand is not only useful for weight loss
but over an above that is extremely
beneficial to the body functioning. An
Acid alkaline, also known as an
alkaline ash diet, alkaline acid diet and
the alkaline diet, keeps the ph level of
the body balanced and so safeguards
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