reduce the risk of heart disease.

A mixture of green tea and other ingredients can also be applied on the skin to treat
skin disorders like acne and rosacea. Acne is a big problem amongst teenagers when
their hormones are running wild. Drinking acne diet green tea on a daily basis can help
to control the explosion of acne.

Acne Diet Green Tea for Treating Acne

Numerous research has been done and is still being carried out on the benefits of
green tea. Acne and skin infection is something that effects teenagers but can also be
a major problem for some people even when they reach adulthood. It has been
shown that acne diet green tea is very good at destroying harmful toxins and virus
from the body that are responsible for acne problems. It is advised that consuming a
cup or two of acne diet green tea can energise your immune system to fight various
viruses that attack our body.

Acne diet green tea is helpful in reducing hormonal activity which in turn helps fight
acne.Green tea is also a vital ingredient in natural skin care products for acne and their
are a number of products in the marketplace which has green tea as a major
component. Acne diet green tea can also be used to revitalise your skin. Green tea
leaves can also be boiled, dried and after cooling applied to the effected area for a
period of two weeks.

Before undergoing any kind of acne treatment even natural skin care therapy, consult
with your doctor or dermatologist. Always consult with your doctor or dermatologist
before undergoing any kind of acne treatment.

In China, acne diet green tea is widely used as a traditional medicine for treating acne.
Green tea is as effective as benzoyl peroxide solution that is a vital ingredient of most
cosmetics for acne cure. In fact unlike benzoyl peroxide that dries the skin causing
itching or allergic reactions, green tea extract has a soothing effect owing to its
extraordinary anti-bacterial properties. One of the most powerful antioxidant found in
green teas is epigallocatechin gallate.

Green tea extract can also be obtained in the form of a pill if you do not enjoy the
taste of green tea. Acne diet green tea generally does not have any side effects and
can be safely used as herbal treatment to treat acne and also maintain overall health.

About The Author

Micki Kahlon

Learn how to cure your acne and diet problems in a natural healthly way. Not only will
you have a healthly glowing skin but also other major benefits of

like, prevention of cancer, heart attack, lower cholesterol, weight loss
and a clear revitalised skin.
Acne Diet Green Tea - Can It Be Used To Treat Acne?
by Micki Kahlon
Acne diet green tea is a another
benefit of green tea to resolve
skin related issues such as acne
and eczema. Green tea is
already known to be a fat burner
and a powerful antioxidant that
promotes the growth of healthy
cells. Ballerina green tea is a
dieter's drink which helps you to
burn fat and lose weight. Cancer
green tea is used to prevent or
alleviate the pain caused by
certain types of cancer. Green
tea extract can reduce your
cholesterol levels and significantly
help improve your digestion and
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