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    acne and food allergies

    Acne and Food Allergies – Does Food Make a Difference?

    The acne and food allergies connection couldn’t be more plain than the nose on your face, but, it is ever missed in the world of medicine. With 90 percent of our teens suffering through acne, medical science has been looking deeply into the causes in hopes of finding credible treatments.

    However, that is the problem. Most medicines only treat the symptoms and do not address the actual root or cause of acne. Doctors for the most part will tell you that diet has nothing to do with acne; however, more recent studies are proving otherwise.

    Often the body accumulates too many toxins. The toxins cause lesions or inflammation to occur on the surface of the skin. The body is trying to rid itself of the toxins through the skin. This is one of the root causes of acne. Yes, there are other causes such as genetics and other issues; but we tend to forget about the food we eat because it takes a long time for the symptoms to show.

    First inflammation in the skin will form which causes the pores to clog; then redness and soreness. The best treatment is obviously to remove the offending toxin from the body. Some doctors have prescribed antibiotics to help clean them out. But the antibiotic regimen is not very effective while you are still eating the same foods that caused the toxin in the first place.

    To really determine which foods you might be allergic to, you will need to see your doctor so he can order a blood test to be done to look for antibodies for the food you suspect. Generally, dairy products end up being one of the biggest culprits. There are other foods as well, such as spicy and/or oily foods. Chocolate is believed by many to also be a source of allergies.

    Though science has yet to come to a conclusion about the acne and food allergies connection, There is no doubt in “real life”, there is a connection. The simple blood tests can identify the foods and then all you have to do is avoid those foods. Some people who have had severe acne problems, have cleared up in just two weeks after eliminating the offending foods from their diets.

    Once you have identified the foods that cause the allergies, make a chart of the food. Then if you do have a flare up, you can review the chart to make sure you have not mistakenly included any of those foods in your diet. If you are careful, you can be acne free in a relatively short time.

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