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    Acne Herbal Remedies

    Acne Herbal Remedies That Help Clear Acne

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magic pill that squelches the burden of acne altogether? Well, there isn’t any that I am aware of. However, there are a number of acne formulas. For example, what do you know about acne herbal remedies?

    Have you ever given acne herbal remedies a shot? Maybe something different from that Clearasil in your medicine cabinet would do you good. After all, how well is that topical cream from the drugstore even working? Does it actually heal and get rid of a nasty pimple in no time at all? Or, does it merely mask the problem and eventually dry out your face? That is always a common dilemma with basic acne problems.

    Unlike many of the acne herbal remedies, the drugstore creams, gels, and face washes can be harsh for your delicate face. They remove most of the dirt and oil from your face and leave it dry and tight. This can lead to more breakouts, if the pores close and still have bacteria, oil, and dirt deep down.

    Acne herbal remedies are gentler on your skin and face.

    Are you in the market for some quality acne herbal remedies? Maybe this is the route you should be choosing. Think about it for a moment. How many drugstore acne treatments that don’t work have you already gone through, and found little to no results, probably quite a few?

    Finding an acne herbal remedy for your outbreaks of pimples isn’t that hard to do. The trick is getting one that works for your specific type of acne outbreaks and is natural. Don’t get discouraged about it, you can have clear and healthy skin, it will just take a little experimentation and patience.

    There are several types of treatments for blemishes and using them isn’t all that hard. One treatment for blackheads is a wash of lime and milk. All you have to do is bring the milk to a gentle boil, and then add the juice from one lime. Then wash your face with this combination after it cools down enough so it does not burn your face.

    Another acne herbal remedy is to use an astringent for a deep cleaning of your pores. At your local grocery store buy a leafy mango. Boil it in some water, and then rub it, after it cools, on your face. If your case of pimples isn’t too severe you can just leave the mango to soak overnight. It’s an acne natural cure that will clean your pores thoroughly.

    Something that you probably eat everyday in some form is good for your skin as well. A raw potato is an ideal acne remedy, especially for whiteheads. The vitamin C gives your skin a healthy glow, and its alkaline gets rid of the bacteria on your face. The potato has an acid in it too that scrubs away dead or dying skin cells on your face, which works as an acne natural cure.

    Finally, remember that acne herbal remedies might leave your skin a little parched for moisture at times during treatments. A good way to re-hydrate your skin after using an acne herbal remedy is to use Almond Oil or Jojoba oil.

    If you’ve tried every over the counter medication for it and it’s just not working, than you might want to use an acne herbal remedy. You can find a treatment solution in an herbal remedy, but take your time, and find out what works for you.

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