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    Acne Vulgaris and Juicing

    Acne Vulgaris and Juicing

    Two of the biggest obstacles you will need to overcome when trying to cure your acne is removing toxins from your blood and decreasing your body’s water retention.

    Both of these can be achieved with juicing.

    You get acne when your pores get blocked. Bacterial, oil, dead skin cells and toxins get trapped inside the blocked pores which cause an inflammatory response which gives you red, raised acne.

    Excess toxins in the body and water retention both can cause your pores to be clogged up. One of the safest, natural and most effective ways to deal with these problems are with fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

    Juicing is extracting the vital vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes of fruit and vegetables and discarding the fibre. By removing fibre, the juice is able to be quickly absorbed into the body and be put to maximum use in the body.

    When you eat whole fruit and vegetables, it can take up to several hours of digestion before beneficial nutrients enter the bloodstream. A lot of the enzymes and other nutrients are also used up or destroyed by digestion. Juicing maximises nutrient uptake and maximises the health effect.

    The first juices we will take a look at are juices that are good for cleaning the body, blood and lymph of toxins. Large amounts of toxins in the body is known as toxemia. Toxemia is poisoning of the body by over retention of body waste or from the the by-products of metabolism or digestion.

    The main vegetable juice many consider the “master juice” that can be used as a base for any combination of vegetable juices is carrot juice. It should be noted at this point that vegetable and fruit juices should not be mixed and should be taken a minimum of an hour apart.

    Carrot juice is an excellent blood cleanser and helps to clear and beautify the skin. Being an alkalizer, it helps to clear acidic conditions in the body. One of the toxic conditions that cause acne is known as acidosis. Acidosis is simply, an excess of acid in the body tissue and in the blood. One of the symptoms of acidosis is when the body tries to eliminate impurities through the skin which we saw earlier, was a cause of acne.

    Cucumber juice is known as a natural diuretic. It also assists carrot juice in expulsing of toxins, salt, and excess water. When your water tension is released, the pressure on the skin cells is also released which was causing pressure on your pores and making them close up.

    Together, carrot and cucumber juice mixed and drunk several times a day is an excellent weapon against acne.

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