ADHD Natural Cures - Smart Guide to a Brighter Life
by Spencer Jones
have scary records of changing children in to zombies. This is where this guide to
ADHD natural cures sheds light and provides some positive insight.

For your convenience I am going to give you four simple ADHD natural cures to
follow. I am breaking it down to 4 steps so that it will be easier for you to implement
it to your everyday routine.  I truly believe that if you apply all four to your daily
routine, you won't have to go lookout for any other prescription medications again,
also you and your child will be feeling much better physically, mentally and

1. Diet Regulations: Diet for ADHD natural cures can be summed up in to things to
avoid and things to include to the patient's everyday diet. Avoid processed foods,
foods with dyes and additives, milk and milk products, sugars and sugary juices,
caffeinated foods etc. Things to add to your food will include fresh green vegetables
and fruits, usage of healthy oils like olive oil for cooking, adding more whole grains in
diet, inclusion of omega-3 supplements like shark liver oil and addition of foods
containing healthy carbs and lean proteins, like salmon, sardine, white fish, trout,
turkey, chicken and nuts etc.

2. Regular Exercise: Regular exercise can show a significant improvement in children
with ADHD. Parents need to unite with children in playful activities, like playing ball
games, Frisbee or just doing light exercises every day. But always remember to
never overdo it, turn it to some fun activity that your child will love to do every day.

3. Intake Of Natural Herbs: Inclusion of herbs that promote ADHD natural cure can
not only improve brain functioning but also promote overall ability of the brain to
focus, concentrate and understand things better. Studies have shown that intake of
natural herbs like tuberculinum, skullcap, oatstraw, verte alba and rooibos,
hyoscyamus and arsen iod have shown great positive results in children with ADHD.

4. Using Natural Medications: Even though almost all of the present day medications
are having nasty side effects. There are some ADHD medications that are entirely
free from side effects, while at the same time, as effective as prescription
medications. Yes, natural medical sciences like Homeopathy has come up with
excellent alternative ADHD natural cures that works real wonders. They are not only
very effective in controlling the disease; they also give you a double benefit by
enhancing health and improving the brain function. So this kind of ADHD natural cure
can in fact be beneficial even in the long run. So everyone with ADHD seriously need
to consider these effective ADHD natural treatments before opting for prescription

About The Author

Spencer Jones

Need help finding the best Natural Treatment for ADHD? Dr.Spencer Jones is a
medical doctor who has been researching natural remedies for various health
conditions for many years. Find out Dr.Spencer's findings on the best and most
Did you know that majority of the
population undergoing ADHD
medication are on their way to
serious health issues? Almost all of
the prescription drugs that are
commonly used for ADHD are in fact
slow poisons. In addition to posing
side effects like nausea, headache,
vomiting, eating disorder, stomach
pain etc, they walk the patient
towards serious addiction to these
drugs and pose a high risk of
depression in adulthood. Also these
medications require dosages to be
increased occasionally to make them
effective. These killer medications
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