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    Agave Nectar

    Agave Nectar is a natural sweetener which comes from an agave plant mainly grown in Mexico. Agave nectar is good for you, but ironically it comes from the same plant as where tequila comes from. So its not where the food comes from, but rather how it is harvested and processed.

    The agave juice is extracted from the core of the plant and filtered and heated at low temperatures below 118 degree F. The low temperatures help to preserve the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, and because of the low temperatures, agave nectar can be labeled as a raw and natural sweetener.

    Agave is produced and sold in light, amber and dark colors. The lighter colored agave has a lighter taste, while the darker colored will have a stronger taste. Flavored agave nectar is also available and comes in flavors such as vanilla, amaretto, ginger, walnut, strawberry mango, cappuccino, hazelnut and Irish cream. (mmm)

    Unlike honey, it will not crystalize and has a shelf life of up to 12 months after opening.

    It is a good source of calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It has a low glycemic index, and it does not create a sugar rush like other sweeteners. It also helps to improve the functioning of the gallbladder by helping to break down fats.

    It is a great substitute for sugar and can be used anywhere where you would use sugar, including all drinks, smoothies, jams, sauces, and even in your baking. It is also great for drizzling over your favorite deserts, fruit salads, pancakes, waffles, raw cacao, and nuts.

    So if you love sweets, try substituting agave for sugar for a healthier diet.