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    The Alkalizing Side Effects of Barley Grass

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    “The leaves of Green Barley provide the nearest thing to the perfect food this planet offers” stated Japanese researcher Hagiwara after ten years of intense research that uncovered the incredible benefits of this powerful superfood.

    Botanicals barley grass is known for its multitude of Healing and Nourishing properties. Some of the positive side effects of barley grass include:

    • Provides every single vitamin, mineral and protein that is essential for a healthy human diet.
    • Is a powerful anti-oxidant that combats the effects of environmental stresses and reduces the signs of aging.
    • Brings the PH into balance for harmonious wellbeing.
    • Improves digestion and promotes absorption of vital nutrients.
    • Lowers Blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, and keeps the blood flowing to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
    • Eases inflammation in people who suffer from arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

    PH Balancing for Harmonious Health

    Green Barley Grass is highly alkalizing, which helps keep the acidity and alkalinity in our body in check. Modern living and eating is often acidifying, especially when refined and processed foods are consumed. When the acidity-alkalinity equilibrium is disturbed, it leads to mineral imbalances, a weakening of the immune system, and an increase in inflammation. The result can be illness, pain, disease and lowered quality of life.

    When the PH is in harmony, our cells can adequately function and we experience wellbeing. One of the side effects of botanicals barley grass is that it is extremely alkalizing. In fact, botanicals barley Grass has long been known as one of the most alkalizing, balancing foods grown on the earth.

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