Aloe Vera Benefits For Heart Diseases  
by Malcolm B Smith
apparently amazing successful results he obtained administering Aloe Vera to his
patients. This was reported in Angiology, The Journal of Vascular Diseases in 1985. In
the study the following was noted:

1. 5000 patients with angina were studied for 5 years
2. All were given a combination of Aloe Vera with high fibre from plant origin.
3. A significant reduction was noted in blood cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar
and lipid fats
4. There was an increase in HDL levels (good cholesterol) and significant lowering of
LDL (bad cholesterol)
5. There was a reduction in frequency of angina attacks during the study period and
patients had their drug dosages gradually reduced over time
6. Patients who were also diabetic received the most benefit from the trial with 95 %
of diabetics cured
7. 85% of the patients overall were practically cured at the end of the study with
their ECGs returning to normal.
8. None of the patients reported untoward side effects and all 5000 patients were
still surviving at the conclusion of the study.

Looking at these results it points to the fact that Aloe Vera definitely has significant
health benefits for the treatment of Heart Disease and Diabetes. Upon looking further
into the details of the study the following extra startling facts were uncovered. Of the
5000 patients studied

* 3167 were diabetic and 94% had blood sugar levels returning to normal after 3
* 2990 diabetic patients were taking hyperglycaemic medications and had to have
their medication withdrawn at the end of 2 months of using Aloe Vera
* 2572 were smokers
* 2151 had hypertension and all those taking beta blockers, calcium channel blockers
and diurectics for hypertension and angina had to have their medication reduced to
half their dosages prescribed prior to the study.

Doctor Agarwal's conclusion was that Aloe Vera has a definite role in the prevention
and management of atherosclerotic heart disease and in controlling the blood sugar
level in diabetic patients. People suffering with various forms of heart disease can
take "heart" from this Aloe Vera study. Unfortunately not much significant research is
done when it comes to natural products. Most evaluations are done by
Pharmaceutical companies whose agenda is to provide drugs and not natural
medicine. Therefore many of these studies admit minor benefits but also conclude
that more research is needed therefore leaving the questions of the benefits wide

As for me, I have no doubts about the healing powers of Aloe Vera, having used it
successfully myself, mostly for digestive tract complaints and topical skin conditions
arising from burns, cuts and insect bites. I have no doubts the that the Aloe Vera
benefits for Heart Diseases are real and I recommend that anyone who suffers from
heart disease at least give it a try.

About The Author

Malcolm Smith is an avid health fanatic, who is fascinated by anything nutrition,
medical, scientific, and natural. Malcolm loves researching health and fitness related
topics on the Internet and writing articles about them. Other interests include
technology, politics, sport and entertainment. Visit
for more information about the Benefits of
Aloe Vera.
I am a big fan of Aloe Vera products
having used them successfully for
many years for various things. The
internet being such a vast storehouse
of knowledge has allowed me to
investigate this miraculous plant and I
have found a wealth of information.
Following is some research I did
about the Aloe Vera benefits for heart

In 1984, Dr. Om Prakash Agarwal
speaking at the International College
of Heart Diseases in San Antonio,
Texas, during the annual conference
surprised his colleagues with the
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