Alpha Lipoic Acid guide
by: John Gibb
The human body is a vast and amazing phenomenon. Science vastly improves our
understanding of the realm of human biology at an ever increasing rate. One such recent
advancement has been the studies and understanding of the chemical alpha lipoic acid.
ALA is an anti oxidant supplement that was first looked at in the 1950’s, but it wasn’t
until 1988 that it was recognized as an anti oxidant. It has been studied around the world
and it is hoped that ALA can treat and prevent many age related deceases.

“Heart decease, stroke, cataracts, and diabetes oh my,” may have been what Dorothy,
the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion would have been singing had they had been
transversing through the forest of aging in the Wizard of Oz. Natural aliments such as
these are common amongst many people, even those who have lived healthy lifestyles
their entire lives. With alpha lipoic acid, these symptoms of aging may be treatable.

ALA is naturally occurs in the body in small doses, and is used at the cellular level to
play a vital role in creating energy. If one consumes additional ALA in supplement form,
it then is used by cells as an anti oxidant and can help eliminate many free radicals from
the body.

ALA could definitely be a wonder drug, but at this point not as many studies have been
performed to be considered conclusive, but it still may be beneficial to begin using it
today to help eliminate those pesky aging free radicals in the body.

About The Author

John Gibb manages .

The site dedicated to weight lifting.

This article was posted on September 28, 2005

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