Alternative Arthritis Remedies
by Max Peace
fibromyalgia, gout, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and more.  Some
important factors which influence this conditions are the following:

* Increase of toxins in the tissues
* Decreased integrity in the stomach and intestine lining
* Excess of damaging microorganisms
* Decreased circulation in painful areas

Many forms of arthritis often have some degree of auto immune involvement.

The toxic waste is one of the explanations used by Chinese medicine or by Indian
Ayurvedic systems. A similar explanation of Western medicine is the presence of
Circulating Immune Complexes (also known as CICs) which are molecules which exit
from the gastrointestinal tract because of its decreased integrity. The immune
system recognizes them as foreign invaders and increases the production of
antibodies to fight them. Often these antibodies attack the connective tissues.

The decreased integrity of the gastrointestinal tract is also known as "leaky gut
syndrome." and allows large molecules to exit through the gastrointestinal lining and
enter the bloodstream. This often happens to people who suffer from joint and
muscle pains because of excessive autoimmune responses. Another problem is the
proliferation of unfriendly organisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast and parasites.
They also cause autoimmune responses. An additional problem is also the decreased
circulation in some areas of the body because it causes decreased availability of the
nutrients needed for the repair and growth of healthy tissues.

Traditional medicine tries mainly to alleviate the symptoms and reduce the pain.
Natural medicine tries instead to address the causes of illness and improve the diet,
the lifestyle. It tries to avoid toxic factors. the presence of microorganisms and all
these lifestyle changes will eventually increase wellness and reduce the disease.

This article is only an introduction to alternative arthritis remedies and therefore we
mention only a few examples of remedies as follows:

a) Some herbs may be useful for the organs of elimination and detoxification (i,e
bowels,kidneys,liver, lungs, skin and connective tissues), by removing both external
and internal toxins. They can be added to cleansing diets, colon hydrotherapy,fasting,
homeopathic detoxification and saunas. Some useful herbs for detoxification are Milk
Thistle (Silybum marianum),Burdock (Arctium lappa) and Dandelion (Taraxacum
officinale). It is also advisable to help the liver to process toxins by adding
supplements which contain Sulphur such as MSM and amino acids such as cysteine,
glutathione, methionine, and taurine.

b) Some herbs which can be useful to counteract the decreased intestinal integrity
are soothing herbs such as L-glutamine, Marshmallow root and Okra. Gingko biloba is
very useful to increase circulation to the small capillaries and is also useful as an

c) Other herbs can be useful to discourage the growth of pathogenic micro
organisms and to support the immune system. For instance Barberry root can be
useful to kill parasites, to tone up the intestinal tract and to help the liver to eliminate
bacteria, streptococci and other micro organisms. It is also useful to include
Berberine (a natural Cox II inhibitor), Citrus Seed Extract which acts against micro
organisms and Black Walnut Hulls which is a vermifuge (worm destroyer).

d) Poor circulation can be helped by other substances such as Menthol, Capsiacin,
Camphor, Boswellia (Boswellia seratta) and Wintergreen(Gaultheria procumbens).
Moreover pain can be counteracted by Willow Bark (Salix alba), Kava-Kava (Piper
methysticum), Jamaican Dogwood (Piscidia spp.) and other substances

About The Author

Max Peace is a Computer Consultant who has become very interested also in natural
health matters. He believes that many common illnesses and health problems can
often be healed in a safer and better way by using natural health and better lifestyle
methods. You can find more information, useful links and suggestions on alternative
arthritis remedies in the blog
The term arthritis is used to classify a
group of health situations with cause
pain and stiffness symptoms.

Among the most common forms
there are the Osteoarthritis and the
Rheumatoid Arthritis. The most
common causes are considered to be
genetic predisposition, traumas and
"wear and tear" factors caused by
advancing age, However many people
reach old age without any form of

There are many other less frequent
forms of arthritis such as
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