Alzheimer's Disease From Your Home Tap Water?
by Rudy Chong
water. One liter is equal to a little more than a quart.

Aluminum sulfate is commonly used by water systems during the treatment process.
The chemical is added at the water plant as a coagulant to make suspended solids
settle out of the liquid. The amount of the aluminum added varies from plant to plant,
within certain limits, depending on the amount of solid materials in the raw water
being treated.

In many cases, increased amounts of aluminum added to the raw water means that
technicians have to use less chlorine to purify the water later in the treatment
process. While much of the added aluminum is removed before the water is pumped
to homes and schools, some aluminum remains dissolved in the treated water and is
consumed by water users.

Aluminum is not among the toxic chemicals for which many water systems routinely
test their water supplies and for which maximum limits are set.

The researchers were concerned that the water treatment process may add to the
already high levels of aluminum consumption in most western countries. In Britain for
example, they estimated that an adult consumes an average of five to 10 milligrams
of aluminum each day, occurring naturally in food. Only a small portion of that is
actually absorbed by the body internally.

Aluminum-based preservatives in food may add another 50 milligrams daily. An adult
may get that much or more of the chemical, especially since many people regularly
take aluminum-based antacids for heartburn and upset stomach.

While much of that aluminum passes through the body without being absorbed,
some research said that water aluminum is much more bioavailable. Which means it
is more easily absorbed during its passage through the digestive system.

Some people recommend that water plants use as little aluminum as possible during
the treatment process to cut down on the long-term accumulation of the chemicals
in humans.

Although aluminum is considered a trace element and is found in minute quantities in
food, water and living tissues, the body does not require aluminum for any metabolic
process. In fact, aluminum is increasingly under suspicion as a potent brain poison.
Autopsies have revealed abnormally high amounts of aluminum in characteristic
tangles of diseased tissue in brains of persons who died with Alzheimer's disease.

Doctors found that aluminum in the water used in the treatment caused the rapidly
developing senility. When the aluminum level lowered into 0.03 milligrams per liter,
the senility symptoms were quickly reversed and the patients returned to normal
mental states.

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Drinking water may be harmful to
your health. Aluminum levels in tap
water may be linked to deadly
Alzheimer's disease. As aluminum
concentrations in ordinary drinking
water increased, the rates of
Alzheimer's disease among persons
using that water also increased. In
some cases, the rates increased by
as much as 50 percent.

The greatest risk found in areas
where aluminum concentrations were
greater than 0.11 milligrams (the
same as 110 micrograms, or four
million of one ounce) per liter of
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