Alzheimer's Prevention and Brain Health
by Mike Dailey
Brain fog is not necessarily an indication of Alzheimers, Age Associated Memory
Impairment (AAMI) or any form of dementia. But it is a good indication that your
brain health needs attention. It could be that any number of things or a combination
of things could make all the difference; but it is up to you to take action.  Clearing up
the brain fog could very well be the first step in Alzheimers prevention.

A recent study of baby boomers concluded that 62% share Alzheimers as their
biggest fear of growing old. Not heart disease, not heart attack, not stroke, not
cancer but Alzheimers. I found myself in that group. I also discovered that among
physicians, men and women who see more pain, suffering and disease than any
other segment of the population, they would prefer anything to Alzheimers.

Alzheimers is characterized by elevated levels of beta-amyloid peptides that cause
plaque to build up in the brain. The plaque causes the neurons to shrivel and tangle
(fibrillary tangle) which prevents the synapses from firing neurotransmitters to relay
information through out the brain.

The increase in this disease among people under 65 is increasing at an alarming rate.
Alzheimers prevention is the only course of action we can take at this point as there
is no known cure for the disease.

So do you bury your head in the sand and hope you get to dodge this bullet or do
you take the necessary steps to be healthy and mentally alert your entire life? The
good news is that what you do to enhance and improve the most important organ in
your body will enhance and improve your entire body. BUT if you think that this
disease is just inevitable to some people keep your affairs in order it may become a
self fulfilling prophecy.

If on the other hand you want to reduce your risk and increase energy, focus,
concentration, memory and overall brain fitness here are several steps to take to
make that happen.

First change your diet: there are some foods that do so much to create and maintain
brain health they have to be included in a brain healthy diet. Eat whole grain foods
that contain the bran, germ and endosperm. Eat apples, yes; an apple a day does
keep the doctor away. Include more berries in your diet, all sorts, but the darker the

It also turns out that fish really is brain food you should eat fish 3 to 5 times per
week; salmon, tuna, herring etc. And remember the tough vegetables- cabbage,
broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Yes I know- you hate that kind of stuff-
but you are an adult now and Alzheimers prevention is your objective.

On the other hand if you have been avoiding nuts because of the fat content you can
quite worrying nuts are good for you, the right fat, good slow metabolism, they help
you feel full. Along with nuts include all kinds of dairy products but make them low fat
when possible.

Eat more greens, the darker the better, spinach, turnip, kale etc. Yes I know.... But
remember who you are and what your objective is. Add soy to your diet, it's
especially good for Alzheimers prevention.

Sweet potatoes, one of natures most perfect and complete foods over all, is
particularly good for brain health. So don't save then for the Holidays; eat them

Beans and legumes, there are many varieties and they are all very good for you and
good for your brain. Tomatoes are another incredibly healthy fruit for over all health,
especially the brain.

About The Author

Mike Dailey

If for any reason a diet featuring these foods is difficult, consider a supplement. Brite
Age Health has a formula, scientifically proven, in a large double blind placebo
controlled study, to enhance and improve brain health and brain function. To reverse
what we call life style assaults on the brain take Brite Smart ™ and to ensure you
have enough brain specific nutrition take Brite Shield. Available at
[] Remember Alzheimers prevention is the only cure.
First I want to assume that you are
reading this because you are starting
to worry just a little bit about your
memory and the possibility of
Alzheimers later in life. You're not the
only one-there are 72 million baby
boomers taking turns on line every
day looking for information, help and
hope for Alzheimers prevention. You
may have noticed long time friends or
people at work maybe your own
spouse decline right before your
eyes. It's more than a little scary
knowing you could be there too; so
we look for answers.
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