Apple Cider Vinegar Uses For Cleaning, Health, Flavor and a
Number of Other Things  
by Kathryn Stovall
and can be found in most health food stores and most grocery stores, right in the
same isle as your flour and sugar! It is considered a regular baking item! Some
people think that there is no truth to the remedies that people claim that vinegar can
be used for. Little do they know that a lot of the theories behind what people say has
been tested and some of them proved to be true!

So why is apple cider vinegar different from just plain vinegar. Vinegar can be made
from practically anything. It is made from fermentation. This is where the sugars in
food are broken down, by bacteria and yeast. In the first part of the process, this is
when the sugars turn into alcohol. Once that happens, if you continue to let it
ferment, that is when you get vinegar. The word translated from french actually
means "sour wine". You can make vinegar from vegetables, fruit, grain, this kind
comes from pulverized apples. The main ingredient of any vinegar is acetic acid,
mineral salts, amino acids, and vitamins. Vinegar became popular when it was
promoted by a book that was published in the 1950's.

If you do some research on vinegar, you will find claim after claim on what it can be
used for. Some people say that it can do some pretty amazing things, like kill head
lice, reverse your aging, work as a toxin remover, and help ease your digestion. You
will see from some studies that it does work for these things, but there are other
things that may work better or faster.

If you are curious about what claims have been research that vinegar can help with,
these can be backed up with research. It affects diabetes, high cholesterol, blood
pressure, heart health, cancer and can also aid you in weight loss. Just because there
is research certainly does not mean its a cure all, it is still all a work in progress. They
run these tests on animals, not humans, so more human subjects need to be tested
to find out how well it will work for us.

Trying a home remedy can carry a risk just like any kind of treatment for a problem.
If you have a serious medical issue that you are trying to address, then you would be
best to start with your doctor and tell him your concerns and what you plan on
trying. Taking vinegar can interact with other things you may be taking such as
diuretics, laxatives, medicines for heart disease or diabetes. If you are just using it to
flavor your salad you should be fine but if you plan on doing it every day let your
doctor know.

About The Author

Kathryn Stovall

To learn more about how
can help you, check out this site with
free information about it.

Trying to being
so that you can better yourself and have a healthier
happier life.
You have probably heard about all the
possible things you can get done with
vinegar. You can use it to pickle your
foods, or you could use it to kill
weeds. It can clean out your coffee
stains from your coffee pot, or polish
your silver! You can even use vinegar
to add some zest to your salad! In
ancient times, many people used it to
relieve just about any ailment that
can come to your mind.

Just recently apple cider vinegar has
been singled out and they have
determined that is especially helpful
to your health. It is very inexpensive
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