Are You Afraid of Eggs?
by Billie Chainey
from eggs. I will see people eat French fries and not worry as much as when they eat
an egg. The saturated fat in your morning muffin is three to four times higher than
what is in an egg!  And the muffin is without the high quality protein your body needs
to function. The egg is the most complete and clean form of protein available for us
to consume. I do believe that God knew what would best feed our bodies and
created the egg.

An important part of nutrition is feeding the brain, many foods supply incredible
nutrition to the brain, one of the most valuable is the egg.

One of the important things to remember about eggs and protein is that the brain
requires 85% of what we consume as nutrition. Unfortunately most diets are not
geared toward foods that feed the brain. Eggs contain the necessary protein that the
brain needs to function also eggs are rich in lecithin which is a powerful nutrient for
the brain! The protein value of eggs is undisputed. And the ease of digestion makes
this an ideal food for any age group. Its versatility in cooking makes it an
indispensable part of culinary cuisine.

I also want to make the point that eggs that are not fertile free-range eggs are not
full of the life essence. What I mean by that is if you take an egg that you purchased
from a regular supermarket and laid it under a chicken nothing would happen?
Nothing. Why? Because the chicken has been subjected to hormone treatments to
increase size and productivity. Also they receive antibiotics to reduce the infections
from being confined in cages. All of these treatments go into the DNA of the egg. So
therefore you are eating hormones and antibiotics indirectly. A good comparison
visually is to compare a fertile egg to a regular store bought egg. Crack open one of
each and you will see the color difference in the yoke. The fertile egg has the yolk
that is orange in appearance were as the regular egg is a pale yellow. The colors
alone tell you the difference in nutrition.

One of the more recent studies have found that young girls be low the age of 10
who consume fast-food regularly have started developing breasts due to meats
packed with hormones indirectly fed to live stock. Remember chickens are fed
hormones as well! That's why it's important to get eggs that come from chickens
that are range fed and fertile.

If you place an egg that is fertile under a chicken you will get a chick. The reason the
life essence has not been removed from the DNA of that egg. Therefore when you
eat a fertile egg you are getting the very essence of life! Name any other protein that
can offer that! Now you see why I feel that fertile eggs are your best bet for high
quality protein.

Can you eat eggs every day of the week and still lose weight? The answer is yes.
Research shows that eggs are actually good for you, contrary to what we once
believed. Eggs have a neutral-to-favorable effect on cholesterol. Even the yolk has
vitamin E and other important nutrients. Studies by the Harvard School of Public
Health show that eating seven eggs a week is fine. If you have a history of
cholesterol problems, however, and are consuming a large number of eggs, it's a
good idea to get your cholesterol levels checked. Below you will find some facts on
eggs and also a chart describing everything inside the egg.

About The Author

Cherokee Bille -
Does the very thought of eating eggs
make you worry that you are causing
harm to your body? So much has
been written in the negative regarding
eggs that many people believe that
eggs are detrimental to one's health.
Yes, there is cholesterol in eggs but
the creator designed them so that
the natural occurring lecithin would
absorb the cholesterol. The
unsaturated fatty acids in eggs make
them heart healthy.

I have seen more people suffer from
heart disease and obesity from fried
foods, convenience foods and never
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