Benefit From The Skin’s Natural Absorption Function
by Daniellle Sims
of the skin and throughout the body.

The hypodermis contains the adipose tissues or fat layer. This is the layer that
contains your fat cells.

The major functions of the skin are:

1. Protection. The skin serves as a barrier that prevents microorganisms and other
substances from entering the body.

2. Regulates Body Temperature. Considerable heat is lost through the skin. Even
under conditions of high temperature or exercise, the body temperature remains
almost normal.

3. Elimination. The evaporation of perspiration acts to cool the skin. In addition, small
amounts of waste product and salt leave the body through sweat.

4. Sensation. Nerve endings in the skin provide the body with a great deal of
information about the outside environment.

5. Vitamin D Production. In the presence of sunlight or ultraviolet radiation, a
substance in the skin is altered to produce vitamin D, necessary for the absorption of
calcium and phosphate from food.

Another function of the skin, that is often overlooked, is its absorption properties. This
is the reason why applying transdermal medications (birth control patch, smoking
patch, etc..) to the skin is so effective. You can also benefit from the absorption
function of the skin with cosmetic lotions, topical treatments, and other applications
that benefit the skin.

One benefit that spas capitalize on body wrap treatments. Body wraps are designed
to help reduce inches and detoxify the body. Detoxifying your body with body wraps
improves your overall wellbeing. Body wraps are also capable of slimming and
contouring your physique and can also help shape your body in about an hour. The
therapeutic and cosmetic benefits help rid the body of toxins which contribute to
reduce inches.

Certain body wrap can help to relieve pain due to injury and illness. Body wraps special
formulas contain ingredients that help detach fat lipids from cell walls so that
permanent fat loss may occur.

Body wraps are safe and just about anyone can benefit from them for skin
conditioning, tightening, pain relief and even fat loss. A home body wrap made with
your own body wrap recipes is a unique alternative if you want an inexpensive way to
improve skin condition, toning and tightening, and to help relieve joint pain and
inflammation. It is recommended that you give yourself a body wrap once every
week for up to six weeks - then for maintenance, once a month.

About The Author

Danielle Sims explored her library of alternative health, herbal books, and
aromatherapy books and created a blueprint for making her own body wrap formulas
at home. Now she offers this information in an e-book entitled Wrap Yourself Slim:
Body Wrap Exposed.
The skin is the largest living,
breathing organ of the body. It
acts as an interface between the
internal and external
environments. It consists of the
epidermis, dermis and the
hypodermis. The epidermis is the
surface layer, the layer that we
see. It serves us as the
protective layer. The dermis is
the middle layer that contains the
glands and the connective
tissues. This layer helps complete
the absorption process by
carrying whatever is placed on
the epidermis to the deepest part
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