Benefits of Chlorella, One of the World's Most Nutritious Foods
by Stan Mrak
even carrots. It may well be the most nutrient-dense and beneficial food in the world.
If you were to add just one antioxidant food to your diet, you couldn't find any that
would give you all the benefits of chlorella!

Health Benefits of Chlorella. Including chlorella in your diet provides you with more
energy, better digestion, improved mental clarity, and stronger organs and tissues.
One area that chlorella excels in is detoxification.

Cleansing & Detoxification. Chlorella works in several ways to keep your body
clean. It helps keep the blood clean by cleansing your bowel and other elimination
channels, as well as protecting your liver. A clean bloodstream is necessary for a
strong immune system.

This cleansing benefits of chlorella are also important if you're on any sort of
low-carb diet (Atkins diet, South Beach diet, etc.) since such diets can place a heavy
burden on the liver and kidneys. (Eliminating excess ketones puts your body under
additional stress).

Anyone who is trying to lose weight should be aware that environmental toxins being
stored in your fat cells are released into the blood stream as those cells are broken
down. These toxins need to be cleared from the body by a natural detoxification
system, such as that offered by chlorella.

Studies shown that chlorella has a protective effect on your liver, and supports the
body's natural defense system. Chlorella improves the function of your liver and
strengthens your cardiovascular system.

Chlorella Improves Digestive System. One of the ways chlorella eases digestion
is through its broad spectrum of enzymes, including pepsin and many others.
Chlorella also stimulates the growth of friendly bacteria, which has the effect of
strengthening your intestinal flora and help you resist diseases.

Balancing Blood Sugar. Chlorella has been shown to normalize blood sugar and is
helpful in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia. Chlorella supports and
balances liver and pancreatic function; these two organs are critical in the regulation
of your blood sugar.

Preventing Cancer. Chlorella will stimulate your immune system and your body's
production of interferon, one of your greatest natural defenses against cancer. When
your immune system is strengthened, your body is able to fight off cancer as well as
viruses, bacteria and chemicals. Chlorella also has shown an ability to repair damage
to DNA and influence gene expression.

Other specific benefits of chlorella include the following:

- diminishes asthma and allergy symptoms
- helps protect the liver from toxins, including prescription drugs
- reduces high blood pressure
- helps prevent cardiovascular disease
- helps control symptoms of ulcerative colitis
- strong anti-inflammatory effects improve arthritis symptoms
- improves skin disorders (eczema, acne, dermatitis)
- protects the intestinal lining against peptic ulcers
- balances estrogen

Chlorella is a Whole Food. Think of chlorella as a nutrient-dense green food, rather
than a nutritional supplement. One tablespoon has the nutritional value of 5 or 6
servings of vegetables. You can't eat too much. Using chlorella is a great way to
ensure that you get enough antioxidants into your diet.

About The Author

Stan Mrak has had a passion for antiaging nutrition for over 30 years. Visit his
website at
for the most practical
and useful information on antioxidants anywhere. Discover how antioxidants hold the
secret for staying young and avoiding degenerative diseases.
Chlorella is one of the most familiar
of the single-celled plants known as
blue-green algae. Chlorella has many
significant and unique nutrients. It
contains 58 percent highly digestible
vegetarian protein. It is an excellent
source of chlorophyll, vitamins,
minerals and phytonutrients. It is rich
in polysaccharides, nucleic acids,
peptides, essential fatty acids and B

Chlorella is also loaded with
antioxidants to keep you looking and
feeling young! Chlorella contains
many times more beta carotene than
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