Best Treatments For Arthritis - Conventional Treatments For
Arthritis Pain Relief  
by Tim Gorman
kind of inflammation, to ensure that work life of the person is not affected,
advancement in disease is reduced and one is able to be independent as well as have
a good quality of life. Hence the best treatments of arthritis would be those which
fulfill these goals to the fullest extent.

Some of the conventional treatments for arthritis pain relief are as follows:

Educating and supporting the patient, teaching the importance of joint protection,
regular exercise and weight loss.

Some of the most familiar medications for arthritis over the years are Tylenol for
pain relief and NSAID's like Advil, Ibuprofen, naproxen etc in case pain is intolerable.
NSAID's are said to have adverse side effects like gastro intestinal problems and even
headache and giddiness. The sad part is that though these drugs relieve pain
temporarily they prevent the synthesis of collagen eventually accelerating the
destruction of cartilage and causing more severe arthritis.

In case the patient is suffering from inflammations COX 2 inhibitors are used. In case
of swollen joints the fluid is removed and a steroid injection is given.

In case you need to replace the joint it self then one may need to go for surgery.

Now medical practitioners are insisting on more natural methods of treating arthritis
that have proved more effective than conventional methods. Firstly arthritis varies
from person to person and needs to be treated individually. What worked for
someone else may not work for you. A healthy balanced diet with plenty of calcium
to strengthen the bones can work wonders. You may think of nutritional
supplements like antioxidant nutrients that reduce the loss of cartilage and
advancement of disease. A good dosage of glucose amine for at least two months
will help an elderly person as the ability to produce this component of cartilage
gradually deteriorates with aging. One may also ensure that they include Vitamin E,
Vitamin C, Vitamin A, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, zinc copper and boron as all these
contribute to cartilage regeneration and any deficiency causes damage.

Even exercises need to be person specific. Do not do exercises which will apply more
stress on your joints or which will end up in more severe pain. Mild stretching,
massage and heat application may help relieve stress to a certain extent. It is
important to remember to consult your medical practitioner before taking any
treatment. The other new treatment being introduced is herbal treatment. These
treatments have proved to be more effective and have lesser side effects than other
drugs in the long run. Whatever may be the severity of arthritis the best treatment is
a positive mind, good exercising and a healthy balanced diet.

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Arthritis, though may not be termed
as a very serious illness is definitely a
very difficult one for those suffering
from severe forms of the disease.
There has been a large amount of
research done on arthritis and
medical practitioners have suggested
several treatments for the same.
Before analyzing what are the best
treatments for arthritis one must
need to know what we are trying to
achieve or what the objectives of a
good arthritis treatment are.

The goals or aims of any arthritis
treatment are to relieve pain or any
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