by Victoria Boutenko  
Victoria Boutenko developed a series of greens smoothies
that enable anyone to consume the necessary amount of
greens in a very palatable way.

Excerpt from Many people know that we should eat more greens, but
rarely do any of us truly enjoy our kale or wheatgrass. For
the first time in history a remarkably enjoyable way of
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consuming the necessary amount of greens has been created by blending the greens with
fruit. From this smoothie, the body can absorb the essential nutrients much more
efficiently. Anyone can prepare tasty green smoothies quickly in their own kitchen, with
their own choice of ingredients. With green smoothies people gain more control of their
own health.

This book is written in a clear style, illustrated with anecdotes, diagrams and pictures.
The results of the Roseburg study conducted by Victoria and Dr Fieber, reveal the
unique healing potential of green smoothies. Boutenko was originally looking for a way
to improve the raw food diet - a diet based on fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and
avocados. While this eating regiment helped her family's health tremendously, Boutenko
couldn't help but notice something was missing. After extensive research, she came to
the conclusion that without a sufficient amount of greens one cannot reach optimal health.

Greens make our body more alkaline, add fiber, and provide a wide spectrum of prime
nutrients. Chlorophyll effectively aids in the healing of many human ailments. Green for
Life explains why eating more green leafy vegetables can help normalize the acidity level
in the stomach. Greens can give us so much energy we will actually require less sleep.

Green for Life includes 23 delicious smoothie recipes with ingredients like romaine,
strawberries, and bananas, to get you started on drinking your way to a healthier life.
Plus, Boutenko shares the testimonies of her research subjects who drank 1 quart of her
green smoothie every day with astonishing results.

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