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    Boost Liver Health With Dandelion

    When people think of dandelion, they usually think of a persistent weed that has yellow flowers and fluffy white seeds that children like to play with. The truth is that folk healers and herbalists alike have used dandelion for centuries to treat liver and digestive problems. This herb is grown commercially in Europe and both the roots and the leaves are used in herbal medicine.

    Bile production and flow from the liver and the gallbladder is increased by this herbal remedy and this helps to treat conditions such as jaundice,gallstones and hepatitis. Dandelion also has a high content of the B vitamin choline, which is used in supplements that boost liver function. These supplements are known as lipotropic or fat metabolizing supplements and often contain a mixture of dandelion and milk thistle.

    Taking dandelion supplements along with an iron supplement will help your liver to absorb the minerals needed to combat anaemia.

    Drinking a cup of tea brewed from the dried roots or leaves of this herbal medicine is a healthy alternative to conventional laxatives and diuretics as dandelion leaves are high in potassium and will stop your potassium levels from being depleted whilst relieving water retention and bloating.

    If you are on a diet and looking for a safe and natural way to detox, drinking this herbal tea is a very good option.

    Women who suffer from endometriosis will find relief using dandelion supplements as this herb assists the liver to remove excess estrogen from your body, thereby helping to maintain healthy hormone levels.

    Please consult your medical practitioner prior to using any herbal medications should you be under their care.

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