Brain Foods - Feed Your Brain For Top Mental Performance
by Marty Brill
and fats in foods like lean meats and especially fish, eggs and vegetables.

Wild Salmon - Fish has long been known to be a great brain food choice. Wild salmon
is probably the best choice of all because it is one of the best sources of Essential
Fatty Acids, particularly Omega-3 without the contamination found in many species
of deep sea fish. Some farm raised salmon is beneficial depending on the source but
you really need to be careful. Other good seafood choices are sardines and smelts,
both small fish with small livers that limit the amounts of mercury they can store.

Sea Vegetables - The benefits from the sea don't stop there. Sea vegetables are
extremely healthy food for the brain and the body. Marine algae, seaweed, nuri,
kombu and kelp aren't exactly items you are used to seeing in your local
supermarket, but these super foods are packed with high concentrations of saltwater
minerals and other nutrients. They also contain high quality protein, which is rare in
non-animal products. Sea vegetables can be found at health food stores and in
Japanese markets.

Nuts and seeds - Walnuts are especially excellent for the brain because they contain
an abundance of EFAs in the right balance. They are also full of arginine, an amino
that stimulates pituitary functions that manufacture and release growth hormone,
which naturally slows as we age.

Acai - I almost hate to mention this next one because of all the commercialization
and misinformation about, but the Acai berry contains all of the antioxidant, vitamin
and brain benefits of other berries and also contains EFAs like Omega-3's and is even
high in protein. Acai has tested higher for anti-oxidants than any other berry tested,
but be careful. Acai must be processed correctly in order to preserve its super-food
benefits. You can't just buy a pill and expect that to do the trick. Acai is beginning to
be grown and processed domestically, so the quality should improve in the coming

Blueberries - Blueberries have been researched extensively in recent years and the
results are all in agreement that this little berry packs a potent dose of antioxidants
and other beneficial components. Their availability makes them a much more realistic
choice for most of us too.

Chocolate! Yes, I said chocolate. Not a Snickers Bar now. The cacao bean when
minimally processed contains antioxidants, flavonoids, catechins and many other
good things beneficial for brain, skin and cardiovascular health. Most chocolate bars
contain very low levels of over processed cacao. Look for 100% organic
non-alkalized cocoa powder that has been minimally processed, or go for high cacao
percentage (85% or more) dark chocolate bars.

Coffee - Like chocolate, coffee is another of our favorite indulgences that just
happens to be good for us. Coffee is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and
minerals. Fresh-ground gently roasted coffee beans have numerous brain and body
health benefits. Regular coffee consumption has been shown to actually reduce the
risk of mental decline. Grind your own beans from a quality roast house into a fine
powder and brew it as espresso if you can. Stay away from the high fat, high sugar

Green Tea - You probably already know that green tea has been found to be a super
food for its high concentration of antioxidants and EGCG, a compound in green tea
that has been found to have very strong anti-cancer, anti-aging and other health
benefits. The best of the best is Japanese Matcha, a finely ground green tea powder
that is mixed right into hot water. It isn't steeped or filtered. You drink the whole
thing. There are many places online to get good quality Japanese Matcha. Matcha
contains astronomical levels of all the healthy benefits of regular green tea.

So feed your brain right and it will stay sharp well into your later years.

About The Author

Marty Brill is a freelance writer and web master who reports on various topics
including diet, nutrition, fitness and self improvement. You can check out Marty's
latest project
where he takes an interesting look at the
American female biker market, including
and riding gear.
Can your diet really affect brain health
and cognitive functions? It sure can.
Research has shown that the brain
likes certain foods a lot more than
others and that brain function can
actually be improved with diets that
are high in certain foods.

Improved brain performance is linked
to chemical receptors in the brain
called neurotransmitters. These help
to create pathways along which brain
cells communicate. Replenishment of
neurotransmitters like ACh,
Dopamine and Serotonin requires a
diet that includes clean quality protein
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