Brain Herbs - How Certain Herbs Can Empower Your Brain
by J Wall
natural supplements have heard of Ginkgo. It is also one of the most studied and
tested extracts out there.

Ginkgo is one of a few herbs which stimulate the brain primarily by increasing blood
flow to the brain. The brain is one of the single largest consumers of oxygen among
the organs of the body. One of the reasons that people lose cognitive ability as they
age is that blood flow to the brain decreases as the circulatory system loses
efficiency. Ginkgo acts upon the circulatory system to enhance blood flow thereby
helping to provide more oxygen to the brain.

Ginkgo is also among a group of brain herbs that help protect nerve cells by acting as
an antioxidant. Antioxidants protects cells against damage by free radicals (particles
in the body that can harm cells and their DNA). Ginkgo has two compounds in it that
operate as antioxidants. It is believed that free radical damage is a contributing factor
in the development of Alzheimer's and dementia as people age. Ginkgo helps to
reduce or eliminate the damage to the brain that can cause some of these more
serious issues later.

Another on our list of brain herbs is Siberian Ginseng. This is also fairly well known
among herbal users. Ginseng works to restore alertness and improve memory
functioning. A recent study on Ginseng showed a noticeable improvement in the
memory of people who took Ginseng for three months compared to the group who
took a placebo.

Ginseng also seems to boost the immune system and works with the body to help it
adjust to stressors. This makes it one of the more useful of the herbs for the brain
as it is seems to protect it from a broad range of factors.

Our list of brain herbs also includes Gotu Kola. Gotu Kola is a plant that has been
used for generations in asia to treat skin diseases, improve mental functioning and
treat a host of aliments from wounds to insomnia. Gotu Kola is one of the herbs
which stimulate the brain by reducing the processes of anxiety in the brain and
increasing clarity and thought processes. Gotu Kola also helps the circulatory process
and may be useful for reducing some types of high blood pressure.

Along with Gotu Kola, Passion Flower is another of the herbs for the brain that seem
to reduce anxiety and improve overall mood and functioning. It is also given in
Europe and other places as a treatment for ADHD. It may also benefit your brain by
helping reduce or prevent insomnia allowing for a better night's sleep.

While all these herbs can be obtained in supplement form by themselves, recent
advances in the manufacturing of supplements has led to combination supplements
that provide a balanced mixture of these herbs along with other ingredients that
benefit the mind. These mind focused supplements should contain the above
at a minimum. When choosing a supplement always check
with a doctor who is familiar with supplements to ensure that they do not interact
with any medications you are on. Also make sure to look for a manufacturer with a
reputation for quality and purity of ingredients. However, using a good supplement
may go a long way toward empowering your brain.

About The Author

J. Wall has an avid interest in natural remedies for the treatment of memory loss. He
is a regular contributor to the
section of
, a site dedicated to improving mental
ability and cognitive function.
There are safe and effective plants
out there that can help your mind,
call them brain herbs. You might be
surprised at what these simple herbs
have to offer. However, as people
turn more and more to natural
remedies to bolster their health
researchers are taking a harder look
at many of the plants used today.
Here's a look at some of the ones
that are good for the brain.

One of the most common and widely
used of the herbs for the brain is
Ginkgo Biloba. Most people who are
at least somewhat familiar with
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