Brighten Your Day With Camu Camu
by Angela Scott
on the planet. Compared to an orange, it contains 30 times more vitamin C,10 times
more iron, 2 times more, beta-carotene, calcium, vitamin B1, B2, and B3, along with
minerals and amino acids. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the
immune system, prevents premature aging of cells, and supports cardiovascular
health. As a result of the nutrients camu provides, it has been known to help with
colds, flu, migraines, depression, herpes, and even improve fertility. It is also
important for the synthesis of noradrenaline, a brain transmitter involved in the
experience of joy.

Camu supports a healthy liver, lungs, lymphatic system and nervous system.
Research has demonstrated that vitamin C has mucus-thinning properties and
therefore can help treat respiratory problems. Camu has nearly 4% vitamin C based
on dry weight. This may not sound like a lot, but a lemon, for example, contains
.56% of vitamin C. Therefore, because of the high natural vitamin C content, camu
camu it is wonderful for clearing up bronchial issues.

The benefits of camu camu seem to continue. Researchers, like Laureate Linus
Pauling, have found many benefits of vitamin C. Pauling found that vitamin C plays a
huge role in the retina. Vision is obtained when light hit receptors in the retina,
oxidizing the receptors which then transmit the signal to the brain through the optic
nerve. The receptors must immediately be reset to function again. Pauling found that
vitamin C is essential to reset the light receptors. Many people have commented that
their vision has increased after consuming natural vitamin C, like camu.

Along with vitamin C, camu camu also contains other vital nutrients as stated above.
The benefits of these nutrients are crucial in supporting our body. Serine supports
proper functioning of the brain and nervous system while iron, calcium, phosphorus
and potassium are essential of an energetic body and sharp mind. Limonene has
shown to reduce appetite and aid in weight loss. Beta-carotene, riboflavin and niacin
optimizes healthy skin, hair and nails. Many people give testimony to the growth of
the hair and nails after consuming camu. Camu Camu also contains B vitamins which
support mental and emotional balance. Many people who suffered from anxiety and
depression found relief with camu. Since vitamin C helps with the synthesis of
noradrenaline, which is involved with the experience of joy, it is a win-win situation.

About The Author

Angela Scott is a Rainforest Ambassador with Amazon Herb Co. She specializes in
Amazon Herbs for animals and humans. She also supports Rainforest preservation
and indigenous communities. Go to
to learn more
about camu camu and the positive influence that the company has on the Rainforest.
Camu camu is a small tree that
thrives is the Amazon rainforest. It is
a low-growing tree that can get to a
height of 7-10 feet and has large
feathery leaves. The tree is enriched
with flood waters of the Amazon
basin for about 6 months. It takes
approximately 6 to 8 years for the
tree to bear fruit. The small fruit of
the camu camu is about the size of a
lemon and has a dark, reddish and
yellowish flesh.

The camu camu fruit is the world's
most concentrated source of natural
vitamin C than any other known plant
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