Building Intelligence Through Music
by Stewart B Johnston

However, actually, you can use not only classical music by Mozart. All quiet, rhythmic
music can give good effects to the fetus, infants and children.

Starting from the Voices of Mother

Music provides benefits, even since the fetus is in the womb. Starting at age ten
weeks, the fetus has already heard the sounds of his mother's body, such as
heartbeat and the swish of blood flow. Then, around age sixteen weeks, the fetus
begins to hear voices from outside the mother's body. Starting from this stage, he
learns further to recognize various sounds that exist in this world.

In the first year of his birth, the baby's brain will grow very fast compared to other
ages. The role of voice and music at this stage is as a stimulant that can optimize his
intellectual and emotional development. Even, according to a research conducted by
Anne Blood from McGill University in Canada, the maternal heartbeat sounds are
heard by the baby while feeding and because of the sounds, his weight can increase.

Music Harmony

To find out why music affects the child's intelligence, you should know first the music
itself. Music has three important parts, namely beet, rhythm and harmony.
Combination of the three would produce good music. Good music is the music to
align the three.

Meanwhile, in the human brain, there are receptors (signal receivers) that can
recognize music. Baby's brain had been able to receive the music even though with
limited ability. His limited ability itself is due to his brain growth that has not been
perfect. In this case, music is one of stimulation to accelerate and enrich your baby's
brain development.

Building Confidence

Since becoming the fetus, children are accustomed to hear wonderful music. Music
does not only optimally enhance their cognition, but also build emotional intelligence.
Besides, there are many more uses of music to children. For example, music can
enhance their motor development, improve language skills, mathematics, as well as
social skills, and build confidence.

Even, nowadays, music is used for therapeutic purpose. In various studies, there are
some evidences of the use of music to solve various problems from anxiety to
cancer, high blood pressure, chronic pain, dyslexia, and even mental illness.

Being Independent

Music therapy can also be used to optimize the capabilities and potentials of people
with mental retardation/ "down syndrome", mild emotional disturbances, autism,
cerebral palsy, "hydrocephaly," and "asperger".

About The Author

Stewart B Johnston

For building the intelligent of your baby, you do not have to play classical music. Calm
and rhythmic music could also be played. In this case, you can take benefit of using
. Indeed, is a new way of
enjoying music in high quality.
In fact, music is able to influence the
intellectual development of children. It
also can make smart kids socialize.

The statement above is based on
some researches that are done by
some music experts and educators
to see the positive effects of some
kinds of music. Indeed, many facts
are revealed from the study. One of
the results of the study is that there
is an interesting relationship between
music and human intelligence.
Classical music by Mozart, for
example, can have stimulating effects
that are good for babies.
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