Cacao Nibs Benefits - Eat Raw Chocolate to Lose Weight  
by Christine Delareya
beans and nibs are revered by anyone very conscious about their health and weight
and is generally called "raw chocolate".

High in Antioxidants
Here is a food that can be eaten and help towards detoxing your body. It should be
eaten in moderation and in a balanced way with other products and can be seen as
having the same if not better effects than fruit and vegetables.

Number One for Magnesium
Studies have shown that raw chocolate is the number one source of magnesium.

In the UK, 7 out of 10 women are reported as having an inadequate intake of this
important mineral. Along with zinc this is the most frequent mineral deficiency found
in the UK population. Magnesium deficiency symptoms include depression, lethargy,
irritability, mood swings, tiredness, weakness, cramps, arrhythmia, anaemia and a
loss of appetite.

Magnesium plays an important role in the formation of teeth and bones. It is also
involved with transmitting nerve signals and causing muscle contractions. Magnesium
helps the body process fat and protein, and is important for the secretion of
parathyroid hormones.

Fall in Love Eating Raw Chocolate
It's true. Cacao nibs benefits your body by containing phenylethylamine (PEA) which
is what our brains secrete when we fall in love. So, perhaps use raw chocolate in
meal for a romantic night in?

Suggestions for Raw Chocolate Recipes
There is an excellent book by Kristen Suzanne dedicated to using cacao beans and
nibs for raw chocolate recipes.
How about double chocolate cherry cheesecake, perhaps German chocolate
brownies or even maybe peppermint chocolate mousse?

There are 58 recipes including the three above and grouped into 4 sections

* Introduction to Raw & 6 Basic Raw Recipes
* 30 Chocolate Desserts
* 11 Chocolate Drinks
* 11 Chocolate Snacks, Soup, Salad Dressing, Crackers & Breakfast

As one element of a Raw diet, eating
your health, weight and
even your love life. It is certain to make you look at this amazing ingredient in an
entirely new way and open a whole new dimension in your enjoyment of chocolate.

About the Author

Christine Delareya is keenly embracing the Raw Food lifestyle. She has been
vegetarian for many years and several years ago was introduced to Raw and Vegan
food. The greatest benefit it brings is no longer having to worry about her weight or
cholesterol levels.

She has written articles on subjects which interest her for many years. Visit a site she
contributes to which helps you to get started on a Raw Food diet
Dieting so often means giving up
many guilty pleasures in life. But here
is an opportunity to enjoy a
chocolate hit that also helps you fall
in love.

Eating cacao nibs benefits your health
and helps you lose weight as well as
allowing you the guilty pleasure of
chocolate and includes the ingredient
PEA which is what our brains secrete
when we fall in love.

It has been suggested that Cacao
beans and nibs are the "new red
wine". Why should that be? Cacao
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