Can Fatty Liver Be Reversed?
by Cindy Judd
There are several scientific, clinical double-blind studies done on Artichoke and
Sarsaparilla. Artichoke and Sarsaparilla have been used to normalize liver and gall
bladder function in clinical settings for over 20 years. Drinking PiMag-Water, a purified
NSF certified water with minerals added to balance ph, is recommended because of
its cleansing ability to flush toxins out of the body while being gentle on the kidneys.

One such study of sixty people with alcohol-related diseases (damaged livers),
showed 70% had normalized their liver enzymes after only 30 days' using
Bio-Directed Liver Formula, composed of artichoke buds and sarsaparilla extract. The
case study was done by administering a therapeutic dose of 3 capsules twice a day.

In a copywrited article published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
Date: 12/1/2002, by author: Dr. Charles Cochran, Artichoke Bud/Sarsaparilla Root
Extract (ASE), two very impressive studies confirm the effectiveness of Bio-Directed
Liver Support as a liver cleanse and detoxifier, and actually decreased liver damage in
as few as 30 to 90 days.

The July 3, 1996 study was accomplished over a short fifteen-day period,
documenting that the patients taking The Liver Support had an 89.41% reduction in
hemorrhages and 83.45% decrease in the incidence of weakness! And a test of
clotting time made by determining the time for clotting to occur after thromboplastin
and calcium are added to decalcified plasma. There was 30.82% reduction in
prothrombin time for Liver Support patients, whereas the placebo group's time
increased 1.25%. This is very important data, because it means that Liver Support
helps the healing of wounds faster.

In December 12, 1998, a 30-day study showed the group given the Liver Support,
experienced a 93.33% reduction in enlarged livers. (In the placebo group their livers
continued to enlarge by another 7.14%) and a 73.64% increase in their strength and
100% decrease in capillary hemorrhaging in the skin, gums, and nasal membranes.
(The placebo group noted an increase of 28.57% in hemorrhaging.)!!

The most typical signs of Liver Problems are a large and tender liver, called
hepatomegaly. This is often accompanied by jaundice, seen as a yellowing of the
skin, and edema, swelling of the body's tissue caused by fluid retention.

If you have these symptoms, and you think you might be suffering from a fatty liver,
contact your doctor. Take these studies and this product in and ask him/her if it
would be right for you.

About The Author

Cindy Judd is an Independent Wellness Consultant and Research Specialist.
Is Normalizing Liver and Gall Bladder
Functions Considered Reversing A
Fatty Liver?

While most fatty liver problems vary
with lipid infiltration, (usually low lipid),
most patients are asymptomatic.
Aches, fatigue, itching, breathing,
bleeding problems, kidney, eating
and, believe it or not shoulder
problems are often symptoms of a
dysfunctional liver. The liver performs
over 500 functions in the body, so it
is logical that when something goes
wrong in the liver, it would affect
something else too.
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