Can You Significantly Improve Your High Blood Pressure?
by: Lambert Klein
There are several things you can do on your own that may lower your high blood pressure.
These options are not to replace any medication without your doctor's approval. It is possible to
significantly lower your blood pressure by changing your daily habits. Here is a list of factors
that could benefit you.

• Eat healthy natural products such as fresh vegetables and fruits
• Reduce salt intake (especially table salt)
• Reduce refined sugar intake
• Exercise
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Limit Alcohol
• Don't smoke
• Limit caffeine
• Reduce stress
• Avoid high cholesterol foods
• EFT and Z-point

If your health is not as good as you would like then following a healthier lifestyle may benefit
you immensely. You want to eliminate as much processed foods as possible as well as grains
and sodium. Eat fresh and organic products whenever possible.

Start on an exercise program. This can be as simple as walking for starters. If you are out of
shape take it easy at first. Gradually increase your activities as you grow accustom to the
increased physical exertion. Please consult with your physician before you begin.

Others things to consider are eliminating tobacco, excess alcohol and fast foods. Maintain a
healthy diet and don’t overeat.

Diet: Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Choose raw and organic for extra nutrients and
optional health. Include foods high in calcium, magnesium and potassium. Consume herbs and
foods such as garlic, onions and hawthorn. Supplement with a good multi vitamin and Co Q10.

Here's a list of foods and supplements that could be helpful:

• Bananas
• Blueberries
• Garlic and Onions
• High Fiber Foods such as Fruits & Vegetables
• High quality Fish Oil with Omega 3 (with a low mercury content)
• Hawthorn
• Co Q10
• Potassium
• Calcium
• Magnesium
• B Complex
• Zinc
• Grape Seed Oil
• Olive Oil

Some other healthy food choices are beans, lentils, artichokes, cooked spinach, and raspberries.

Many people understand that lutein is good for the eyes. Not so many will realize that it is good
for the heart. Lutein protects the eyes and heart by neutralizing free radicals. Lutein is found in
grapes, egg yolks, squash, peas and oranges.

Lycopene found in tomatoes and other red vegetables helps the heart and blood vessels by
stopping the oxidation of LDH cholesterol, slowing the buildup of plaque. Lycopene also may
help prevent certain cancers.

Your teeth and gum health are important to fight against heart disease and hypertension as well.
Regular dentist visits for checkups and periodic cleaning are important. You may benefit further
by seeking a holistic dentist.

Act now and improve you life starting today. Get out and exercise. Workout in your home.
Change your diet to a healthy one that your body and mind will thank you for. Cut down on the
coffee and other caffeine products. Rid yourself of the limp processed food that is just empty
calories. Start eating fresh unprocessed foods that will taste better as well as significantly
improve your health.

Copyright 2005 Think Healthy

About The Author

Lambert Klein is the owner of Think Healthy supplements.
This article was posted on December 10, 2005

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