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    Minerals are Good For Your Skin

    Foods For Healthy Skin: What Vitamins and Minerals are Good For Your Skin?

    When it comes to our skin, what we eat is very important. Skin is the biggest organ, and it deserves all the nutrition we can give it. One the most critical elements of skin health is vitamin A, and one of the best sources of this vitamin is low-fat dairy products. As a matter of […]

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    Fasting to Cure Acne

    Fasting to Cure Acne – How Does It Actually Work?

    I used to have major skin problems during my teenage years. I tried almost every type of skin care product I was able to find. It did improve my condition a little but I didn’t like the way the my face felt dry and flaky.The moment I stopped using these products, acne started to build […]

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    the aging process

    How to Maintain Your Youthful Vigor and Slow the Aging Process

    Did you know that a 60-year-old who has been active can endure more physically challenging tasks than a 30-year-old who has been inactive? Like a magical elixir, regular workouts help revitalize your body and keep old-age symptoms at bay. Old is relative, defined as the advanced years of life when a person has reached the […]

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    Vitamin D Production

    Benefit From The Skins Natural Absorption Function

    The skin is the largest living, breathing organ of the body. It acts as an interface between the internal and external environments. It consists of the epidermis, dermis and the hypodermis. The epidermis is the surface layer, the layer that we see. It serves us as the protective layer. The dermis is the middle layer […]

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    camu fruit

    Camu Fruit and Health Benefits of Vitamin C

    Of the nineteen fruits in Monavie, one that does stand out is the fruit Camu Camu. The fruit survives best in hot, damp, tropical climates but will also grow in the subtropics. It can survive temperatures almost down to freezing. It requires lots of water and withstands flooding. It takes about 4 to 6 years […]

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    camu camu vitamin c

    Camu Camu High in Vitamin C

    Camu Camu is a bush which grows in the Amazonian forest of Peru. This bush produces a fruit which is named, respectively, camu camu. This fruit has powerful phytochemicals which contain a lot of health benefits for the human body. This fruit contains amino acids serine, valine, leucine, and more vitamin C than any known […]

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    ascorbic acid camu camu

    Vitamin C Nutrition – How to Find a Safe and Effective Source

    Having an optimal intake of vitamin C is important for our cardiovascular health. It is perhaps the most important of all vitamins that is not produced by our body. We all know that a healthy amount vegetables and fruits (especially oranges) will give us a good amount of vitamin C. The only problem is that […]

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    High in Vitamin C

    Why You Must Have Foods High in Vitamin C

    Vitamin C, which is also known as ascorbic acid, is soluble in water and is therefore easily eliminated from the body. Since our body cannot produce vitamin C on its own, the amount of it has to be maintained by regularly taking foods high in vitamin C. Main reason to have it in large quantities […]

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    Milk Cause Acne

    Does Milk Cause Acne?

    Waking up to acne free clear skin would be a great way to start the day. The trouble that many people have is that they just don’t know enough about the different things that can cause acne. Everyone is different and everyone has a different reaction to foods, treatment and so on. That means you […]

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    Eczema Allergies

    Eczema Allergies – What You Eat Could Be Causing Your Itchy Skin

    Eczema can be caused by a lot of different factors. Each one has a different and adverse effect, which generally leads to itchy and very uncomfortable skin. If you or your infant has caught a sudden case of itchy skin or rash, then it is possible that eczema has formed. It is very likely that […]

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