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    Eat Vitamin C

    Eat Vitamin C Rich Foods to Ward Off Colds and Flu

    If you’re worried about the coming flu season, now is the time to beef up your body’s prevention mechanism. And of course, when it comes to warding off colds and flu, thoughts turn to Vitamin C. Start now to get your family in the habit of eating health-giving foods, rich in Vitamin C. Just about […]

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    Include Vitamin C

    Why Should You Include Vitamin C in Your Diet?

    A recent study done on sixty heart patients, who took around 2-3 grams of Vitamin C daily for a period of 2.5 years, reveals that none of them had a heart attack. The results are impressive because each one of them had a heart problem before they started having Vitamin C regularly. It clearly indicates […]

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    Food Allergies

    Can Food Allergies, Intolerances Cause Acne?

    Acne is a very common condition, affecting many humans, and can be extremely frustrating and embarrassing. However, acne is totally avoidable. Many people think of acne as being a normal part of life. However, some people get acne whereas others don’t. Why is this? Most acne treatments are all about treating the symptoms – trying […]

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    Gluten and Acne

    Gluten and Acne – Putting an End to the Affair

    Gluten is a protein found in many foods – specifically rye, oats, barley and wheat. Gluten and acne may not seem related, but they may in fact be having a sordid, destructive affair that is costing you the health of your skin! Gluten products bear a remarkable resemblance to dairy products, in that they cause […]

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    acne and food allergies

    Acne and Food Allergies – Does Food Make a Difference?

    The acne and food allergies connection couldn’t be more plain than the nose on your face, but, it is ever missed in the world of medicine. With 90 percent of our teens suffering through acne, medical science has been looking deeply into the causes in hopes of finding credible treatments. However, that is the problem. […]

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    Effect of Certain Foods on Acne

    Acne – The Effect of Certain Foods on Acne

    People with acne have heard it often. In fact, people who don’t suffer from acne have also heard it often…’don’t eat that, it will give you acne.’ We’ve been led to believe that certain foods cause acne outbreaks, and this is absolutely false information. While fried foods, chocolate, carbonated drinks, and pizza may not be […]

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    Effective Against Acne

    Effective Against Acne? Dandelion and Its Healing Properties

    The benefits of dandelion as a herbal cure are plentiful. But is it really effective when it comes to acne? Dandelion tea, in particular, is being toted as an effective substance for controlling acne, but it has yet to be proven if its claims can be universally accepted. Some people claim that when they were […]

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    Vegetable Juicing

    Vegetable Juicing – Your Secret Weapon Against Aging and Disease

    Daily vegetable juicing is an amazing weapon you have against aging and disease. You can dramatically increase your intake of antioxidants and natural enzymes by juicing a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. You can get great health benefits from vegetable juicing. Shocking statistics reveal that most people don’t eat any where near […]

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    Herbs and Spices

    Antioxidants – Disease Prevention, Natural Healing, Anti-Aging

    Antioxidants are nutrients that protect cells from damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. There are thousands of antioxidants contained in plant foods, and each antioxidant nutrient works to prevent the formation of free radicals and neutralize those that are already there. Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that can be […]

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    Juices For Anti-Aging

    4 Super Juices For Anti-Aging

    All people age differently. Some people look and act much younger than their years while others look way beyond their years. Our first thoughts might be that it is due to genetics, but this is only a small part of the anti aging puzzle. We all have genes that work for us and genes that […]

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