Coconut Oil - A Proven Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal  
by Darlene Tabler

Coconut oil is a saturated fat! But hold on, IT'S HEART HEALTHY! The hype you've
heard about saturated fat's connection to modern illness and heart disease is not
true. Saturated fats make up about 50% of cell membranes, therefore playing a vital
role within the body. Look to the excessive use of polyunsaturated fats (vegetable
oils derived from soy, corn, safflower or canola) and trans fats when evaluating the
increase in modern illness.

Coconut oil is a saturated fat that is of the medium-chain fatty acid variety, thus
making it actually good for you. Medium chained fatty acids are absorbed directly for
quick energy, and contribute to the health of the immune system. They are not
stored in the bodies cells, therefore, are not stored as fat. Coconut oil actually
speeds up the body's metabolism, making it an excellent partner in weight loss.

Studies have shown that Coconut oil is beneficial to HIV/AIDS patients, by lowering
the viral load. Thyroid sufferers have also been shown to benefit due to the increase
in metabolism and promotion of healthy thyroid function.

Even your skin can benefit from Coconut Oil. Use it like you would any lotion. This
healthy oil prevents destructive free-radical damage, and aids in the repair of the
skin. Coconut oil helps remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, making the skin
smoother. It keeps connective tissues strong and supple, limiting the damage caused
by the sun. You can use it to protect your skin from drying, chapping, and the
prevention of wrinkles. It's one the healthiest things you can put on your skin.

Coconut oil is the ideal cooking oil too, because unlike other oils, it will not oxidize
when heated. It's been called a "functional food," because it's one of the healthiest
oils in the world.

Who wouldn't want to cook with oil known to reduce the risk of cancer, heart
disease, and other degenerative diseases? A proven immune enhancer, that
promotes weight loss, provides an immediate source of energy, assists in nutrient
absorption, and fights bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens.

Coconut oil has a mild delicate flavor, that is satisfying to the taste buds. You can eat
it by the spoonful, and when you do you will be getting the benefits internally as well
as externally. But remember, for added benefits; use it as a moisturizer also.

I hope you'll take a look at Coconut Oil and discover for yourself how truly beneficial
it is!

"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?" - Satchel Paige

About The Author

Passionate about health Darlene Tabler is a natural health advocate, investigator and
researcher who believes that we as a collective have been sold a bill of goods where
true health is concerned. It's time to take our power and our health into our own
hands! To learn how to begin your journey to good health click on the blog below.
For more information visit our blogs:
What is the healthiest fat to eat? That
would be virgin Coconut oil! It is rich
in lauric acid, a proven antibacterial,
antiviral and anti-fungal agent. This
beneficial oil builds the body's immune
system, while attacking bacteria,
viruses, and pathogens. It contains
no trans fats (unlike vegetable oils,
margarines and other shortenings).
Even the beloved Olive oil has some
trans fat.

Note: Trans-fats should be avoided
at all costs, because they lead to
heart disease, clogged arteries, and
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