Coconut Water - Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts and History
by Michael Sbicca
are lost during physical exercise or extended, strenuous activity. 100% pure coconut
water is all natural and has a long, and interesting history.

Here's a couple of historical notes that showcase its health benefits.

  1. It's been used by hunters, gatherers, laborers, fisherman, farmers and warriors
    for thousands of years across Southeast Asia, the South Pacific Islands and
    South America, to help them stay hydrated in their labor intense lives.
  2. During World War II, coconut water was injected into the veins of soldiers when
    medics were out of blood plasma because it has the same electrolyte balance
    as our blood. It truly is, "the fluid of life."

The reason coconut water is such a great sports drink is because of its high
concentration of electrolytes, most notably, sodium and potassium, while
magnesium, phosphorous and calcium are also included.

Sodium helps the body stay hydrated because your body will retain more fluids. Not
only will your body lose fluid through sweating during your activities, but your body is
also going to produce urine, and burn additional liquid through your respiratory

Potassium helps your heart function and helps regulate your blood pressure, keeping
it at lower levels during peak performance. This helps your body temperature stay
lower, which in turn, will help you retain more fluids. As a result, it will help you stay
more hydrated, staving off headaches and cramping.

One 8.5 ounce serving has more potassium than two and a half bananas and has 15
times more potassium than other leading sports drinks on the market. In theory, you
could say that coconut water rehydrates you 15 times better than any other sports
drink on the market.

In addition to helping your body stay hydrated during physical activity, coconut water
has other health benefits that are sometimes overlooked. Aside from being best
hangover cure ever, it also has antiviral properties that help your body fight disease
and sickness, and give you, a stronger immune system. Claims have also been made
that coconut water helps combat cancer.

Increased circulation is another health benefit that helps clean your blood and
detoxify your system. With cleaner blood and a cleaner system, you'll also be
rewarded with more clear, vibrant skin. Furthermore, it can also help boost your
metabolism, helping shed, and keep off those unwanted pounds.

The nutritional facts about coconut water are also very impressive because it's a
very healthy beverage, especially, if you're trying to watch your weight and steer
towards the "all natural," diet and lifestyle.

For an 8.5 ounce serving of 100% all natural coconut water, the nutritional
facts are as follows:

In addition to rehydrating your body better, coconut water is a healthier alternative
to other sports drinks, because it's lower in calories, strengthens your immune
system, detoxifies your body, and is 100% natural.

About The Author

Michael Sbicca

Thank you for checking out my article about the history, nutrition facts and health
benefits of coconut water!!! If you found this information useful, please check out
my coconut water breakfast shake, shaved ice, and hangover recipes at the links
down below.

The history, nutrition facts and health
benefits of coconut water are good
to know because it's becoming a
very popular sports drink and healthy,
lifestyle beverage.

Coconut water has been receiving a
lot of positive press in 2010, because
it's wonderful health benefits. It's
mostly recognized for its ability to
rehydrate the human body and is
highly touted as an ALL NATURAL,
isotonic sports drink.

An isotonic beverage is one that
replaces fluids and electrolytes that
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