Coconut Water is Full of Nutrients
by Jon Alkire
trees grow best in tropical areas. Not surprisingly, then, it was the people of the
tropics that first consumed coconut water thousands of years ago. Because the
water inside the coconut was filtered, it was a reliable and easy to obtain source of
safe drinking water. The people of the tropics also consumed the water on a regular
basis because of its pleasant taste.

During World War II and the Vietnam War, the large number of injured soldiers meant
there was often a shortage of IV solution. Instead of sitting around and hoping for
more, however, medical professionals injected coconut water into the blood stream
to help prevent dehydration. This could be done safely because the water is quite
similar in composition to human plasma. This water is different from all other natural
substances in that it is the only one that can be injected into the bloodstream with no
ill effects.

Thousands of years after people first began to consume coconut water, it is still a
popular beverage. Thanks to international trade, it is no longer just people in the
tropics that have easy access to this liquid - people all over the world are now
discovering it. India leads the world in coconut production, with the Philippines,
Indonesia, and Brazil also producing significant quantities. In many parts of South
America, young coconuts are sold for the refreshing liquid they contain. In Costa
Rica, coconut water is known as aqua de pipa, and it is widely available at beaches
and other traditional stopping places along the nation's highways.

In other locations throughout the world, coconut water is pasteurized to remove
potentially harmful bacteria, packaged, and sold as a sports energy drink. Many
people also use it as an ingredient in various recipes and mixed alcoholic drinks. With
over 95% water, it also contains potassium, magnesium, sodium, and sugar, is low
in calories and fat, and contains no cholesterol. Because of its unique nutritional
composition and pleasant taste, the demand for coconut water is likely to increase
among diet-conscious consumers and athletes looking for energy drinks made of
more natural ingredients.

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Jon Alkire

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The greatest quantities of coconut
water are found in young coconuts
that are still green. At this stage of
maturity, the inside of the coconut
contains little else than water - there
is very little meat, and what is there
is quite soft. The liquid has very little
color, and is almost clear. The water
has a mild, almond flavor that many
people find quite pleasant. This liquid
has been consumed in many parts of
the world for thousands of years.

Because they require high humidity,
regular rainfall, and warm
temperatures to thrive, coconut palm
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