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    Coconut Water Skincare Review by Every Nutrient

    Coconut Water Skincare

    In countries around the world, women know that coconut water is good for their skin and bodies inside and out. Drinking this liquid from the young green coconuts and also applying it to your skin combines health benefits that could help immediately.

    Those who drink coconut water report that their skin becomes smoother, and they experience less blemishes and skin problems. Experiment yourself to see the effect CW has on your skin.

    There are several reasons coconut water can make a difference in the look and feel of your epidermis.

    • Helps create lysine, which is an important ingredient in the formation of collagen (a protein that connects and supports body tissue such as skin, tendons, and muscles). This creates more elasticity in your skin.
    • Contains cytokinins that promote cell division and growth and help regulate how your skin ages.
    • Drinking it everyday enhances hydration and better blood circulation, which puts the “glow” on your face.
    • Its ingredients are used as a natural toning lotion and also as a cleansing mask for those with oily skin.
    • Promotes the PH balance in your body (acidic/alkaline balance)

    Women in India and other Mid-Eastern countries especially are partial to coconut water as a vital step in their skincare routines. Adding it to your bath water or mixed with your shower gel or liquid soap products benefits all the skin on your body, not just your face. You could also balance your oily hair by combining it with shampoo and conditioner.

    Dr. Malavika Kohli, a consulting dermatologist at Jaslok and Breach Candy Hospitals in Mumbai, states, “Coconut water is good for hydrating the skin. Hydrated skin is soft, supple, healthy, and glowing. If you drink it regularly and apply with moisturizer and sunscreen, you can prevent wrinkles.”

    And who doesn’t want to get rid of wrinkles?

    Some people who have gotten even greater results swear by coconut water as help for acne, scars, itchy skin from prickly heat, chicken pox, mosquito and insect bites. Maybe it’s not the first thing you think to apply to rashes or bites, but maybe next time, try it first.

    Coconut water used in your skincare regime may take some getting used to, although women in tropical climates have been using it for centuries. Drinking CW daily and also applying it to the skin all over your body might surprise you with fast, noticeable improvements. It can’t harm you and very well may become a “must do” on your self-health list.

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