Cod Liver Oil Versus Fish Oil - Which Should You Be Taking
and Why?  
by Peter Leigh

First let's say that there are certainly health benefits to taking cod liver oil. Oil from
the liver of the cod has 2 of the most important nutrients for our bodies, namely
DHA and EPA, the 2 most important of the essential fatty acids known as the Omega
3 fatty acids.

Science has clearly shown that there is a wide range of health benefits from adding
more of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids to our diet, including reducing the
possibility that we might die of a heart attack. Clearly there are significant health
advantages for most of us from increasing our intake of the essential fatty acids DHA
and EPA.

And studies have also shown that whilst our diets were high in the Omega 3 fats a
century or so ago they are now much lower in these essential fats due to a reduction
in our intake of fish.

So if cod liver oil has DHA and EPA in it is it not good for us? And the answer to that
is that by taking cod liver oil we are increasing our intake of DHA and EPA, and this is
good for us. However when comparing cod liver oil to fish oil it's important to note
that the amount of DHA and EPA in cod liver oil is much lower than in high quality fish
oil supplements, and for this reason taking high quality Omega3 supplements sourced
from fish is much more cost-effective.

Not only that but the oil is sourced from the liver of the cod, and this is a place where
any industrial toxins will be accumulated. There is now clear evidence that many
industrial toxins including PCBs, dioxine and Mercury can be found in many of the fish
that we eat, and this is clearly not a good thing. On top of this most of the cod are
caught in the North Sea which is one of the most contaminated waterways in the
world, being proximate to both North America and Europe.

Therefore the risk of contamination is greater in cod liver oil.

And finally it's important to know that the cod is high in vitamina A and D, and an
excessive intake of either of these vitamins can be bad for us. In the US for example
pregnant women are advised not to supplement with vitamin A.

So clearly, in answer to the fish oil vs cod liver oil debate, fish oil comes out in front.
High quality Omega3 supplements provide more DHA and EPA for your dollar and
limit the problems which might be encountered from excessive intake of vitamin A
and vitamin D. Not only that but the highest quality Omega3 supplements are entirely
contamination free, and are sourced from fish which are not caught in the North Sea
but which are caught way down in the southern ocean away from the primary
sources of industrial contamination.

About The Author

Peter Leigh

But it's important to remember that not all fish oil supplements are high quality. To
find out which of them are visit my website.  Want to find clean high quality

supplements? Or do you want to learn more about getting more
in your
diet? Visit Peter's Website Healthy Omega 3 Fish Oil.
There's currently a debate going on
about the health benefits of cod liver
oil vs fish oil. Whilst grandma used to
tell us that taking cod liver oil every
day was good for our health we are
now being told that we should be
taking fish oil.

Of course that's not to say that
grandma was wrong.

So if you've been wondering about
fish oil vs cod liver oil then you've
come to the right place. Let's
examine the relative merits and
disadvantages of each.
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