Colon Cleansing
by Annabel Cruz
magnification, as it is believed to reflect the state of the internal body organs.

The bowel contains billions of bacteria needed to break down the remains of our food.
In a healthy bowel these are mostly beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus
acidophilus, holding the pathogenic bacteria in check. However, in an unhealthy bowel
the harmful bacteria can gain the upper hand and produce harmful toxins. Hostile
viruses can also take up residence in the gut, from where they may invade the body.

When performing a colon cleanse, it helps to use rectal enema once a day to remove
old faecal matter. Usually old black or sticky mucous matter is released and this
speeds up the process. A coffee enema (not instant) or herbal enema such Dandelion
root are used to stimulate the colon these are absorbed internally by the bowel,
transported via the portal blood system to h stimulate toxin release from the liver as

Scrupulous cleanliness must be maintained with all items sterilized by boiling before
and after use.

Dandelion root enema: 50g dried root to 1.5 litres of water. Make a decoction . Leave
to cool to blood heat. Fill the enema bag, lie down with the bag suspended above you,
and insert nozzle. Allow it to empty slowly (it should have a valve so the flow can be
adjusted), using only half the contents until you get used to the sensation

Hold for ten minutes. The operation is best performed in the bath.

Caution: Do not attempt without medical advice if you suffer from colitis. Do not
perform for more than a week at a time.

A colon cleanse is ideally done in conjunction with a citrus juice fast and a herbal bowel
corrective formula.

Herbal bowel corrective

1 part Barberry Bark

2 parts Cascara Bark

1 part Cayenne

1 part Ginger

1 part Golden Seal

1 part Raspberry Leaf

All the herbs are powdered and put into small capsules. (This formula or similar can be
purchased ready-made from some supplement firms.) Take 2 three times a day with
food initially, you can take up to 6 three times a day if necessary to produce a good
bowel movement three times a day. Do not take enough to produce diarrhea, cut
back to a comfortable level if this happens. Copious movements should be produced
initially and will decrease as time goes on. It may take six to nine months to eliminate
all the old matter and get the bowel working normally again

This article is not designed as a substitute for personal medical advice but as a
supplement to advice for those wishes to understand more about her condition.

About The Author

Annabel Cruz is a researcher that studies Natural healing by combining both Western
and Eastern ways. Feel free to use this article on your website or ezine as long as the
following information about author/website is included. And we provide best pueraria
mirifica information on the site.  
According to naturopathic
theory, what goes on in the
bowel can cause symptoms
elsewhere in the body, so colon
cleansing may be indicated when
there is sluggish liver function as
well as bowel toxicity.
Symptoms may be general
fatigue, headache, poor
concentration, irritability,
constipation, mildly aching joints
and PMS. Iridology or iris
diagnosis is a good diagnostic
tool to show the scale of bowel
toxicity. The iris of the eye is
examined under high
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