Colon Cleansing - The Importance of Having A Healthy Colon
health.  Since ancient times, Bentonite clay has been used by many cultures around
the world
for various ailments.  While many alternative medicine experts consider
bentonite clay to be one of the best natural colon cleansing products, some health
experts don't recommend colon cleansing at all.  Perry A~ wrote a very informative
book titled: Living Clay- Nature's Own Miracle Cure .  In the book, he advocates the
use of healing clay for internal cleansing and explains why bentonite clay is the best
natural supplement for colon cleansing and maintenance of a healthy colon.  Many
people have received excellent results after adding bentonite clay as a supplement to
their healthy diet.  If you decide to use bentonite clay for colon cleansing, be sure to
combine it with adequate amounts of water before consumption.  Bentonite clay
capsules are also available and should be taken with adequate amounts of water as

The Importance of Having A Healthy Colon

The colon is a hollow tube-like organ, also known as the large  intestine and large
bowel. It’s part of the digestive tract, where food is processed to create energy and
rid the body of waste.  It measures approximately 1.5 meters in length and is located
after the small intestine.   The large intestine is mainly responsible for storing waste,
absorbing water and salts (which travel from the small intestine), absorbing some
vitamins, and eliminating body wastes from the system. It  lubricates waste products,
absorbs the remaining fluids and salts, and then it stores the waste products until
they’re ready to be excreted. The wall of the colon has several layers of muscular
tissue which contract and slowly move along the contents of the digestive tract.  The
lining of the colon is equipped with sensitive nerves and glands that aid in the final
stages of digestion and also the assimilation of food (especially vitamins, enzymes
and water).  

A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body. It must handle the bulk of the food we
eat.  When the colon is working properly, its peristaltic motions (muscular, and wave
like) move food through the system and eliminate unassimilated substances (waste)
within a few hours of eating. When the colon is clean and normal we experience
health and well-being. When the colon is sluggish, body wastes accumulate and
constipation occurs.  As a result, the level of health declines.

When the colon becomes constipated, it contains packed feces which have
accumulated over time.  Over time, the feces have become hardened and lodged
within the pockets of the colon’s wall. Eventually, the hardened matter obstructs the
muscular contractions (peristaltic waves) and more feces build up which causes lack
of proper excretion. This build-up may take several months or years and can result in
5-15 pounds of added weight.  This heavy matter causes the colon to become
distended, abnormally shaped, and ineffective at completing its functions. The final
absorption and digestion of food is one of those functions.  Since a clogged colon
interferes with that function, the body becomes deprived of nutrients. Also, due to
the undigested food fermenting and becoming putrefied, abnormal gas and poisons

The poisons become re-absorbed into the system, and can provide a comfortable
environment for disease. Some symptoms of a toxic colon are: backaches, foul
breath , indigestion, headaches, flatulence, aches and pains, skin problems,
constipation, hemorrhoids, arthritis, diarrhea, hypertension, distended abdomen, foul
body odor, menstrual problems, chronic fatigue, asthma, irritability, depression,
prostate trouble, frequent colds, hypoglycemia, insomnia, food cravings, and difficult
weight loss.

Most people ar
e not aware of the amount of hardened fecal matter that may be stuck
within their colons.
 Several experts believe that the average person holds between 5-
20 pounds of accumulated waste within their colon.  Colon health degrades with age.  
Since the colon is responsible for eliminating all waste from the body, it’s crucial to
maintain a healthy colon in order to enhance health and vitality.  If the colon is clean,
elimination occurs on a regular basis as long as there's adequate daily consumption of
both soluble and insoluble fiber from plant foods.

Caution:  Colon cleansing products are not recommended for children and women
who are pregnant or nursing.  Like any other diet or exercise program, it is best to
consult with your physician before starting this regimen.
Colon cleansing is the natural
detoxification of the colon.  
Although there are a few
effective and safe colon cleansing
products on the market today,
the best way to cleanse and
detoxify the colon is to eat a diet
rich in both soluble and insoluble
fiber.  Plant foods are the best
source of dietary fiber.  By eating
a variety of plant foods, not only
do we obtain dietary fiber, we
also obtain every essential
nutrient that the human body
requires.  Regularity is important
for a healthy colon and overall
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