Dairy Free Diet to Treat Autism
by Graham Williams
such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, and some hotdogs. It is very important to read
all labels on food the child will be eating.

If you are going to try the dairy free diet with your child you will need to make sure
they are getting enough calcium. This can be done with vitamin supplements, or milk
substitutes. Many types of food are including calcium.

It is thought that the Casein reacts in the Autistic child's body causing the unwanted
behaviors. They think if the dairy products are removed some of the behaviors will
leave. It should take a few months to know if the diet is working for your child. If you
are considering removing Gluten from the diet too it is advised to try removing dairy
first. The dairy is removed from the body much faster than the Gluten. Gluten can
take ten months or more to be completely removed from the body.

Following a Casein free diet can be expensive. Most milk replacements cost double
the price of regular milk. Not all stores will carry the dairy free products. They can
usually be found at specialty, or health food stores. You can find Casein free products
on the internet for mail order. There are also lots of Casein free recipes available
online. To save on the cost of Casein free foods some families find another family in
their area using the same diet, and share the cost of ingredients by buying in bulk.
They then split the foods.

If you choose to try a Casein (dairy) free diet with your Autistic child remember to
allow enough time to see if the diet is helping. It can be helpful to keep a journal while
trying the diet. Keep a record of behaviors your Autistic child has. Then you can see if
the number of behaviors is dropping. If you have not removed Gluten from your
child's diet you may want to consider this if your child is not improving from the dairy
free diet.

To find out if your Autistic child has a sensitivity to dairy (Casein) have them allergy
tested. This will tell you if you should remove any other foods from the diet. If you
are wanting more information about Casein free diets visit your local library. You can
find many books that deal with dairy free living. The internet is also a great source of

A Casein free diet might be helpful in treating your child's Autism. It is not a cure for
Autism though. It will only help treat some of the symptoms.

About The Author

Graham Williams

If you are interested in finding out more about Raising An Autistic Child
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Parents are turning to their child's diet
to when treating Autism. Some
believe that Autistic children have a
food sensitivity. They believe dairy,
also known as Casein, is one of the
foods to cause problems with Autistic
children. Removing all dairy from your
child's diet can at first seem very
difficult to do. Most kids love cheese
and ice cream.

Most people following a dairy free diet
also remove Gluten from the diet.
The ingredient in dairy that it thought
to cause problems is Casein. Casein
is a protein found in dairy products
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