Dancing For Exercise
by Michel Maling
you can find something you are passionate about, you will enjoy exercising, and it
won't be a chore anymore.

Ballet Dancing for Exercise:
If you are a highly disciplined person with a strong desire to get things just perfect,
ballet dancing will be just the exercise form for you. A good ballet class that consists
of a barre and centre, will exercise your entire body, and give you a sense of
achievement at the end of your class. Your area should have various adult classes to
choose from that will cater from beginners to advanced dancers. The important thing
is to feel comfortable enough in class to be able to express yourself and lose yourself
in the music.

Modern or Contemporary Dancing for Exercise:
Modern ballet or contemporary is a little less disciplined than classical ballet, but you
will still need to work hard to get your technique right. The movements are slightly
less stiff and more free and flowing. The music ranges from the classics to modern to
rock, depending on the speed and type of exercise. A good class consisting of a barre
routine, centre work and some floor work will give you an all over workout, while
being a lot of fun. The class will move from fast and fun jazz to slow strengthening
and stretching work on the floor, so it never gets boring.

Hip Hop or Funk Dancing for Exercise:
Hip hop and funk have taken the world by storm over the last few years, and are the
most popular forms of dancing amongst the young. If you enjoy aerobics, this will be
a high powered and high impact workout that you will love. You will need to have a
good pair of trainers, as there is a lot of jumping involved. It is not as easy as it
looks, as the movements are fast and you need to think fast in order to get your
routine going. The music is usually high energy and gets you going, and before you
know it you have had a brilliant all over cardio workout.

Ballroom and Latin American Dancing for Exercise:
Ballroom and Latin American Dancing is very popular and you can do this at a social
or competitive level. It involves working in unison with a partner, and can be quite
trying on even the most stable relationships, but is a lot of fun once you get it right.
Ballroom and Latin will build up your overall strength and stability, and also test your
balancing skills, as you have to be careful to not lean on your partner when
performing the steps. Start off with a social class, and build up from there. No more
will you be a wall flower at parties and social functions.

Spanish Dancing for Exercise:
This is a personal favourite of mine, and you can start this dance form at any age. It
has a regal feel to it, and you dance in a longer dress which gives a feeling of
elegance. It is very rewarding to learn to play the castanets and be able to move
your feet to the rhythm at the same time. Once you know what you are doing, you
will come out of class with a sense of achievement, and having built up a good sweat.

Belly Dancing for Exercise:
Belly dancing is another dance form that you can take up at any age. It is loads of
fun and will give you confidence in yourself and teach you to accept yourself as you
are. Most belly dancing studios perform at various functions, so you can let the
performer in you out if you so choose.

Dancing is definitely my first choice in exercising, as it never gets boring, and there is
always something new to learn and perfect.  For more on Ballet Dancing visit:

About The Author

Michel Maling

I love Dancing and I love Online Marketing. I currently teach Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop,
Social Ballroom and Latin American. Dancing is my passion and I know there are
many others out there who love it as much as I do, so what are you waiting for,
DANCE to the tune of Life. Make sure you subscribe to my blog, as I regularly update
and add new posts.
So far I have written a lot of articles
on ballet dancing, aimed at ballet
dancers. Did you know that ballet
dancing or any other dancing is not a
joy that can be shared by dancers
alone? Anyone can dance, and most
people surprise themselves once they
find the right form of dance to suit
their personalities at how much they
can actually do and achieve.

Most people know that they have to
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exercise that is the difficult part.
Exercise need not be boring, and if
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