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    Dangers of Sugar

    Dangers of Sugar! Tastes Good But Oh So Bad!

    The American Dietetic Association and American Diabetic Association agree that sugar ingestion is one of the top three causes of degenerative disease. We all already know that sugar can cause toothdecay. However, this sweet devil is linked to hundreds of medical problems. Here is just a small list!

    *Sugar can suppress the immune system
    * Reduces our natural defense against bacterial defense (infectious disease)
    * Leads to cancer
    * Weakens eyesight
    * Causes hypoglycemia and diabetes
    * Causes a rapid adrenaline levels in children
    * Causes premature aging
    * Contributes to obesity
    * Increases the risk of Crohn’s disease
    * Causes arthritis
    * Causes asthma
    * Causes gallstones
    * Causes heart disease
    * Causes hemorrhoids
    * Causes varicose veins
    * Decreases growth hormones
    * Increases cholesterol
    * Interferes with the absorption of protein
    * Causes food allergies
    * Causes cataracts
    * Ages our skin
    * Increases the size of our liver and kidneys
    * Makes tendons more brittle
    * Causes headaches and migraines
    * Increases the risk of getting gout
    * Can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease
    * Causes dizziness
    * Sugars feed cancers
    * Sugar is addictive
    * High sugar intake can cause epileptic seizures

    Refined sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose, galactose, maltose, honey, and malts) are all culprits turn directly into fat. The body digests these super fast and so it must turn them into saturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are sticky and cause problems with the vascular system such as: stroke, diabetes, and clogged arteries. Sugar contains NO vitamins and minerals and must rob them from the body to be consumed.

    Honey is not safe either. It has about 25 more calories per tablespoon than sugar (65 calories). Commercial honey usually contains the same pesticides that are used on crops. Honey can be fatal to people with immature digestive systems that can not deal with Botulinum Spore Growth. Some bee farms feed their bees sugar water to enhance production. And the enzymes and nutrients that are in raw honey are destroyed when they heat it up to give the honey its clear appearance to enhance sales.

    How about the “sugar free” products and the “sugar alternatives?” Well keep reading to find out that these are also included in the dangers of sugar. Xylitol has been withdrawn from many manufacturers products after studies show the following: Weight gain, liver and kidney dysfunction, diarrhea, and tumor growth. Sorbitol and Mannitol are made from hydrogen and glucose. Both are known to increase the count of mouth bacteria. Its also found by researchers to cause chronic diarrhea. This stuff is bad for you on both ends, and everything in between!

    The only way to be safe from the dangers of sugars is to simply “cut them out” of your diet. Or at least cut down on the sweets. Unfortunately, almost everything that you buy has sugar in it. But you can take control by reading the labels and making better food choices!