Delta Brain Waves - Deep Sleep Brainwaves to Restore the
Mind and Body  
by Hampton Jackson
night? During sleep walking and sleep talking, the brain remains in the delta brainwave
state and the person is not at all aware of what they are doing. This is why you will
usually hear random words and speech that does not make sense. The person is
completely unconscious of what they are doing or has done even after they wake up.

Though most people experience delta waves during the night while asleep, other
people can experience them during the day. If you experience more delta waves than
average during the day, then you may find that your brain is extremely unfocused.
People with more delta activity than average during the day may experience any of
the following: Hyperactivity, tiredness, lethargy, and worry for the sake of others.

In some cases of attention deficit disorder, people have too much slow brainwave
activity. Though most commonly this slow wave activity is within the theta range,
people with A.D.D. may also experience elevated levels of delta activity throughout
the day. These elevations in delta may cause the person with the attention deficit to
feel unfocused and lethargic. They may also feel like they can sense the emotions of
others more so than their own. This is due to the fact that delta waves are a sign of
empathy towards others; or the ability to empathize with another person's
emotional state.

People without may get an increased taste of their delta brain waves during the day if
they skip out on sleep the night before. This is part of the reason that you often will
not be able to concentrate during the day after skipping out on sleep the night
before; delta brain waves have taken over. You will be able to feel a significant
difference in your brainwave activity if you skip out on sleep.

In extreme cases when a person gets knocked out, such as in boxing, delta brain
waves become the dominant pattern of brain activity. Other cases such as under
anesthesia for surgery, your level of delta brain activity increases. With that said, the
majority of people do not produce large amounts of delta brainwaves naturally
throughout the day. There is no reason that anyone should want to have delta in
their brainwave reading during the day.

A lot of these new-age binaural beat programs hype up delta brainwave activity
during the day like it is beneficial. I find it amusing that people are actually trying to
increase their delta brain waves during the day. Having lots of delta activity during the
waking hours is not at all beneficial. In fact, people with head injuries have lots of
delta activity due to the fact that their brain functioning has slowed or shut down in
certain parts. Beneficial brain waves to have during your waking hours are those of
gamma, beta, and alpha. Remember that the major benefit from delta comes from
helping you get a good night's sleep and its ability to restore energy to your brain and
body during sleep.

About The Author

Hampton teaches people about and teaches people about to help them better understand their mental state.
Delta brainwaves are the slowest and
one of the most difficult brainwave
patterns for many people to
understand. In normal individuals,
delta brain waves become dominant
when we enter the deepest possible
stages of sleep. When we enter these
deep stages, our brain wave activity
slows considerably; meaning that our
brainwaves increase in amplitude and
take longer to cycle throughout the

Have you or someone you know
ever been known to sleep walk or
sleep talk during the middle of the
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